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  • Sean Lee 李斌辉

    Industrial designer at ChankDesign

    Ningbo, China

Mainly work in area of Medical equipments, massage products , gym products , office products, tools and lifeware.

Work Samples

  • Food Preparing

  • Detect Tool

  • Remote Controler

Work History

  • Designer

    • Chank Design
    • Aug 2014 - Present (3 years 4 months)

    Belonging to cooskin (cooskin.com.cn).
    We are a design company now mainly focused on NOTEBOOK/PAD/PHONE/CAMERA accessories,intelligent/digital personal stuff (e.g. intelligent cups ),personal care/beauty products .
    We believe in internet thinking/ fans-oriented thinking , intelligent of everything,and Big Design.We promote deep integration between industrialization and informationization.
    We think what user think,do deep product /market /user research,we help bring enterprises and consumers/users together,and help managers /stock holders form the company's Brand gene and identity.
    We help make you company have your own core competitiveness.

  • Industrial designer

    • Raffini
    • Jan 2013 - Jul 2014 (1 year 6 months)

    Belonging to Ravo Group ,RAFFINI is a trading compay with 200-300 people . We design , produce and sell the products mainly to Euro and America. Fields including Hair beauty tools,Manicure&Pedicure,Bath Accessories,Baby Essential,Kitchen Collection.etc. We have cliets such as Avon . We compete with Big brands like Goody.

  • Designer

    • Ocube Design Ningbo
    • May 2012 - Jan 2013 (8 months)

    Ocube Design merge with Galaxy Design and start a new period in Ningbo , Hefeng Creative Square.
    We have new clients producing products of Flush toile,Food waste processor ,Beach hanging bed,
    Automatic big item storage Bank , Landscape lamp ,Flash lights , Hand-hold vacuum cleaner ,Steam mop,Coffee machine ,etc.

  • Market/Translator/Designer

    • Dedalo
    • Mar 2012 - May 2012 (2 months)

    Resear the local market and find Customers in Ningbo area . Make appointment to customers for a presentation. Go factories and meet customers with Italy Design Manager Quintiliani Piero or other manager . Understand and translate the design requirements to Design managers . Follow the projects . Attend some design affaires . Do some design research and design if needed .
    Jion the company in 6 March ,2012.

  • Design Director

    • Galaxy Design Ningbo
    • Mar 2011 - Mar 2012 (1 year)

    Mainly Design on Food Prepairing Products, Outdoor LED products.,Tools(Drill head detector,Car Working Light) ,Washing Machine,Garden Pump/Underwater Pump
    Dainly contact to the LED company's Engineer and Boss by email or Phone .Inspire the team of LED products(headlight ,picniclight and bikelight)
    Company size:6 people

  • Senior Designer

    • Ocube Design Ningbo
    • Apr 2010 - Mar 2011 (11 months)

    Mainly on Ningbo Area's product research, design and development / brand strategy/Ads ,POP ,handbook design /Space design/Patent application ,etc
    This company has history of co-work with Holand design team in Project:Old man assist Go-Cart and co-work with Segway company in Ningbo .

    Projects include: Electric hair clipper/Secure box/Library self-check system(RFID)/Motor driven Foldable tent/Oldman car /Child bicycle with adult control ,Fingerprint code lock ,Rice congee cooker, Picnic & Head light,E-mop,Integrated Computer-sofa / Screw picker and driver/under water pump/coffee maker/water faucet/Movable tool cart/Laptop arm/Car polisher/Dust blowing gun/Scooter/Textile Test Equipment , etc
    Clients include:Ningbo JieJie Tool ,Ningbo ShiJia ,etc

  • Senior Designer and Assistant Engineer

    • Davison
    • Nov 2007 - Mar 2010 (2 years 4 months)

    Davison (US)Shanghai
    _4 monthes mainly involved in China industrial design projects.
    _2 Years Experience in US creative products design and development.

    (ProE Modeling/Engineering Experience(according to designer's inventegration service package) and also China industrial design experience in between)

    Communicate with US design manager Clay Carlino in email for 6 months(As a designer not project manager ).

    All projects varies in field of cosumer electrical products/ garden or power tools /sports related/baby sanitary products/gym related/toys/medical related/ bathroom related /baby products/Kichen tools/BBQ products/Diving accerories/Fishing Tools/Pet products/Car related products/Paint tools/Storage boxes/TV top set/Door Secure/Electric closetool cap /Air cleaner/Mouse/Ironing Handy Tool/Skid board/ Hydraulic driven Ladder/Grass cutter/ Vacuum cleaners/Electric cooker /Bathroom water jet/Earphone/Mobile Phone/ PP products,etc.

    Clients include:GE , Honeywell , A.O Smith ,Whirlpool, ShangHai DaoShen , ShangHai ZhongYiYao University, ShangHai WeiChuang,GMST(Medical ,Gamma Ray Bed). Shanghai JianXin Vertical mouse ,Shanghai gong'an , Shanghai metro, Inter Med,Microport,ShuZhou Maquet, Lab Tech , Black&Decker, Bikeboard, ShangHai haiDun,Canada A&E ,ShangHai BaLanShi ,ShangHai XinShiDa ,ShangHai JieRui,Shanghai SanYi Zhonggong,etc
    Potential Client: Herman Miller ( I've once been there in ShangHai Office with my Colleagues and boss to make effort to attract their business interest )

    _Package design sketching ,Package layout design
    _Co-work with E-lab experience
    _Input model or Prototype Video shooting, editing ,composition
    _Rapid Prototype making(Davison China has 2 RP machine) or hand making(With tools or machines), etc

    BEST worker of Proe group for 4 continued months
    Company size: 40 People in China and 200+People in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania US.
    Company's Invention Land is Well-known

  • Senior Designer

    • Titane Design Consultant
    • Aug 2007 - Nov 2007 (3 months)

    Working for the clients in Singapore ,Japan and Taiwan ,Mainly on massage(massage chair ,massage stick,foot massage device,neck/arm/leg massager,waist/neck massager,eye massager ) and Gym/fitness products (Uprightbike,spin bike,recumbell bike,Treadmill,Horse rider chair, etc),also shampoo chair , hair clipper, Tv Remote control ,Medical Bed, etc
    The boss is former OSIM design manager Ken, Sain Keat Chuang

  • Main Designer

    • Front Design Hangzhou
    • Jul 2006 - Aug 2007 (1 year 1 month)

    Mainly working on child car(3 or 4 wheels) and accessories/bump car/Karting car /Baby Stroller / Child bike /gift , Industrial sewing machine, Medical equipment(Electrical-magnetic healing bed and pilow) and Car(Or Bus) seat research is a plus(Once went to TaiZhou factory and Test lab) .CI/VI design for the medical company .

    Vice team leader of 2-5 people .
    In charge of the gift projects.
    This company has strong relationship with Goodbaby and XiongDi FengRenJi
    Company size: 12 People


  • Zhejiang University of Science &Technology

    • Bachelor Industrial Design
    • 2002 - 2006