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Background - Packaging of jam has not changed over the years. Opening of the package has been identified as the major barrier, in which also leads to other problems, such as dropping of the package causing impact to the user from loosing grip, and muscle injury.

With the demographic shift towards the ageing population which will result in the decline in health, mobility, and functional ability, these can interfere with the accessibility and ease of use of current jam packaging.
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Design Intention - TWIST POP Closure is the next generation jar closure designed to provide easy opening of the cap by simply twist off the Outer Cap Band and easily lift upwards to release the Inner Clamp, acting as a spring loaded mechanism due to the behaviour of the plastic, for assisting the opening motion.
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How to TWISTPOP? - TWIST POP Closure incorporates a free wheeling Outer Cap Band that makes twist off easy.

To secure the package after use, the side wall of the Outer Cap Band pushes the flexible & durable Inner Clamp to secure.
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Technical Specification - 1. Vacuum Safety Buttom with PVC Seal
A tin plate with PVC seal beneath is assembled into the Inner Clamp mechanism to provide a good vacuum seal.

2. Outer Band Cap & Inner Clamp
HDPE has little branching, stronger tensile strength and withstand higher temperatures which makes it suitable for Jam manufacturing process.

3. Jar
Glass containers can convey a brand image with clear beveled edge offering high profile shelf presence and eye-catching designs in relation to it’s form and texture.

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