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Background - Foodborne disease represent a serious threat to the health of people, especially infants, elderly, and immunological and deficiencies organ transplant people.

Preventing foodborne diseases depends on appropriate practices in food production, storage, transport and preparation. Despite legislations being enforced, food is still vulnerable in getting spoiled or contaminated throughout the whole process.
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Design Intention - In recognising consumers limitation in identifying food spoilage through human senses and estimation from the date of expiry, and available solutions in early detection of bacteria contamination, Electrolux Food Sense offers a personalised compact food freshness monitoring device for early detection of bacteria and food spoilage anywhere.
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Intuitive Control
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Technology - Electrolux Food Sense leverage on Electronic Nose Technology, using highly sensitive Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS) Sensor that intelligently detects a wide variety of volatile organic compounds. A unique technological approach that requires low power consumption, high sensitivity, high stability and long lifetime.
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Technical Specification - Overall Dimension
Height: 60 mm
Width: 48.5 mm
Depth: 32 mm

*Electrolux Food Sense Straps are also available in 4 other colours for personalisation.

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