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Background - Being unable to speak or hear, communications are highly relied on visuals for people who are audiologically deaf or hard of hearing to connect with their peers. Therefore, communication via video calls or text messages are very effective and beneficial.

Despite the benefits, the awareness of incoming calls using audio or on-screen flashing icons to allow notification is limited to these individuals, in which these individuals are required to constantly monitor their computer screen.
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Design Intention - The central concept of skypealert that synchonizes with skype software for notification of incoming calls or text messages using high efficiency LEDs, is to provide easy notification awareness without having the need to constantly monitor their screen, and keep them connected when it matters most.
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How SkypeAlert Works? - 1. Download skype to computer.

2. Install skypealert software to computer.

3. Extend USB cable and plug it to your computer.

4. Light flashes to notify on incoming call.
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Technical Specification - Plug & instant use
Mac & PC compatible
0.8m retractable length cable
3x High Efficiency LED
Dimensions: W30mm, L62mm, H15mm

1.Transparent Top Casing
2.USB Cable
3.Screws x5
4.High Efficiency LED x3
5.Circuit Board
6.Cable Spool
7.Spring Coil
8.Bottom Housing

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