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Background - Previously, energy drink offers a clear and simple function for periods of increased mental and physical extertion to meet the demands of the consumer. However, times has changed and the consumers require more. Thus, the concept of empowerment is sold to heighten a different level of demand through 3D visual communication and emotional triggers.
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Consumer Evaluation - A symetrical curved body together with a poly-carbonate hook lid that provides functional gripping and permits hands-free mobility and the need for extra baggage to carry around while travelling.

Graphical implementation was conceived to tie with the best selling Japanese manga series, BLEACH in Japan, that follows the adventures of Kurosaki Ichigo after he obtained newfound extraordinary powers.
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Technical Specification - Overall Dimension
Diameter: 50 mm
Height: 205 mm

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)

Manufacting Process
Injection Blow-Moulding (Bottle)
Injection Moulding (Lid)

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