HABITAT - a bit of nature in the city - is a thesis project made in collaboration with IED and Cascina Bollate, a floriculture cooperative that works for the social recovery and reintegration of prisoners.
The briefing, titled "let out the green, let in design", require to develop a set of products based on self production, in order to facilitate the interaction between the cooperative, its participants and the city, the citizens and the urban enviroment.
The family of product has as main goal to approach and help an inexperienced target, helping them moving from a neglected green to another, more spontaneous and natural, able to improve the quality of life.
Little hatitats in the city.

Designed and produced by Selli Coradazzi - Alberto Corghi
GROW is a container that follows the growth of the plant or the will of the gardener to add another one.
It can be used as a vase or a pot cover, a removable liner allows you to make it waterproof.
Grow is create using eco-leather’s waste destined for landfill.
The internal frame are made up of six cores of harmonic steel.
The packaging is reduced down to the bare minimum, printed on recycled cardboard with vegetable color.
DOUBLE, thanks to its accessories, allows you to create four different display solutions suitable for all needs: balcony planter, vertical garden, double or single vase! Double consists of two containers of eco-leather destined to landfill, four straps with k-way hooks and two wooden bars!
The packaging is kept to a minimum and allows easy transport even with plants.
ORTO COMUNITARIO - In many situations, the cement prevents the creation of even small green spaces, or makes difficult to maintain them.
The condominium management often produces not so stimulating results. because of this we create the community gardens, truly little green islands on wheels that can be easily arranged and moved as needed. Produced with beechwood pales, nylon belt, plywood base, fabric rubber-coated with drains in silicon rubber.
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A special thanks goes to Molli for the pictures, Zio Ben for the location and support and to Albi for the patience ;)

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