(short) BIOGRAPHY: Sema Çulam , was born in 1951 in Izmir-Turkey. At 1974-1976 years ,she worked in Painting and Sculpture Museum sculptor Turgut Pura figurative. At 1977 -1979 years Turkey Izmir- Buca Education Faculty, Painting Department continued. From the beginning of 1979, continued my art as professional. Abstract figurative works until of 2000 , In 2001, the style continues change. The International Association of Art (IAA) is a member of. Participated in many exhibitions in Europe and America. Works be found in many collections in domestic and abroad . (as Japan,France,Germany,USA,Spain,Serbia,Italy,England,Portugal, Israel,Finland,the Netherlands,Russia). At his studio in İstanbul and Milano continues her working.

Work Samples

Work History

****2014 years Exhibition 2014 Art et miss: Galerie Art - PARIS(1 to 21 September 2014.) 2014 Galerii Szyb Wilson Festival International Exhibition Katowice - POLAND 2014 The Triennial International Exhibition ROMA 2014 ''Immagina arte in Fiera'' Reggio Emilia Fiera ITALY (October) ****2013 years Exhibition -2013 International Exhibition'' l'Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Saint-Petersburg'' ,RUSSIA With Galerie Molbert -Russia (December) -2013 Art Festival Brussels-BELGIQUE * (Octobre) -2013 16 th Biennial of Naive and Marginal Museum- October /14 ,Jagodina-SERBIA* -2013 Galeries Jacqueline Bricard ,Lourmarin in Marseille (September 21) -2013 Gutman gallery (August) BERLIN,GERMANY * -2013 Giannino Grossi è Internazionale 43° Verenna, ITALIA* (August) -2013 Naif Art festival International Exhibition (Galerii Szyb Wilson) Katowice in POLAND* -2013 International Exhibition ROMA,ITALY -2013 X Muestra de Arte Europeo -MADRID-SPAIN*(15 March)* -2013 The London Art Biennale LONDON*(23-26January) ***2012 years Exhibition -2012 Bakraç Art Gallery .Istanbul- Türkiye ( solo) -2012 Turkish Embassy 4 to 28 September NEW YORK (solo) *** Group exhibition -2012 Reggio Emilia Immgina Arte Fiera ITALIA (December)* -2012 Giannino Grossi è Internazionale 42° Verenna, ITALIA*(August) -2012 Galerii Szyb Wilson Art festival KATOWICE in POLAND* (July) -2012 International art exhibition Kouvola Art Museum Poikilo ,FINLAND * -2012 Art Fair Arezzo ,ITALIA *(April) -2012 IX Muestra de Arte Europeo -MADRID-SPAIN*(March) **2011 years Europe Exhibition******** - 2011 / Florence Biennale in 3 /11 December 2011, ITALY* -2011 / International Exhibition Biennale of the Chianciano Art Museum -ITALIA* -2011 /15th Biennial of Naive and Marginal Museum- October /14 ,Jagodina-SERBIA* -2011 / Reggio Emilia Immgina Arte Fiera 27 /Octeber .2011 , ITALIA -2011 / Jacgueline Bricard Galerie Lourmarin ,FRANCE * (2011-October) -2011/ Mostra Naif Giannino Grossi è Internazionale 41° Verenna, ITALIA (20 August) -2011 /Allarts Gallery, (30. march) Lisboa-PORTUGAL* -2011/ Bakraç Art Gally International Exhibition Art NAÏF, Istanbul-Turkey -2011 /VIII . Muestra de Arte Europeo exhibition-MADRID .. (17.march-8.may.2011)group -2011 /International Exhibition Art NAÏF in Monaco Art Gallery ****2010 Europe Exhibition****** -2010 / Galerie Mona Lisa Paris-FRANCE -2010 /Galerie Jacqueline Bricard -Laurmarin-FRANCE (group exhibition) -2010 / Mostra Naif Giannino Grossi è arrivata alla 40° edizione Verenna,ITALIA -2010/ Le 6e Mondial d’Art Naïf ,Verneuil- FRANCE -2010/ Allarts Gallery- Contemporary Art Fair ,Lizboa-PORTUGAL -2010/ march.VII . Muestra de Arte Europeo exhibition-MADRID *******2009 Europe Exhibitions***** -2009/Museum of Naive and Marginal Art, Jagodina,SERBIA -2009 Art Gallery of International Tel Aviv ISRAEL -2009 /Groupe International Des Primitifs Modernes Dits Naifs,Paris-FRANCE -2009 /Jacqueline Galerie -FRANCE -2009 / Allarts Gallery- Lisboa,PORTUGAL -2009/Euro-American Visual Arts Exhibition/Campeche-MEXICO -2009 October (group exhibition) -2009 The Mariners Gallery (Exhibition by members of ABNA )Cornwall,ENGLAND -2009 VI. Muestra de Arte Europeo exhibition-MADRID ***2008 USA-New York & Europe Exhibitions*** 1-2007 Museum of Naive and Marginal Art, Jagodina,SERBIA (December-2008çJanuary) 2- 2008 Gallery Cvijeta Zuzoric Belgrad - SERBIA 3- 2008 Agora Art Gallery New York - USA 4- 2008 V Muestra de Arte Europeo-MADRID 5- 2008 Marziart Internationale Galerie Malschule + Studio ,Hamburg /GERMANYA 6- 2008 The Clara White Gallery -Assocation of British Naive Artists/(I am member ) TR. EXHIBITION SOLO:_______ 2014 Nar Art Gallry Izmir (March 10 ) 2012 Bakraç Art Gallery ISTANBUl, 2011 Toprak Art gallery Nisantasi-ISTANBUL 2010 Toprak Art gallery Nisantasi-ISTANBUL 2009 Toprak Art gallery City's Nisantasi-Istanbul 2009 Bakraç Art gallery ISTANBUL 2009 International Art Fair (Ariyel Art Gal.)Tüyap Istanbul 2008 International Art Fair(Doruk San.Gal.) Tüyap Istanbul 2007 16.International Art Fair (Doruk Art Gal) Tüyap Istanbul 2007 Istanbul International Bosphorus Comtemporary (Dega art Gallery)Feshane Istanbul 2006 Ariyet Gallery Istanbul 2006 International Art Fair (Kanat Bayazit Art Gallery)Tüyap Istanbul 2006 Bakraç sanat Gal Istanbul 2006 Ares Art Gallery Istanbul 2005 Sevgi Art Gallery Ankara 2005 Jazz Now Art Gallery Bodrum 2005 Istanbul International Sanat fuari (Kanat Bayazit Sanat Gal.)Tüyap Istanbul 2005 Bakraç Art Gallery Istanbul 2004 Istanbul International Art Fair (Ariyel sanatGal.) Tüyap Istanbul 2004 Çakinberk Art Gallery Balikesir 2004 Pera Art Gallery Istanbul 2004 Bakraç Art Gallery . Istanbul 2003 Istanbul International Art Fair (Ariyel sanat Gal.)Tüyap Istanbul 2003 Bakraç Art Gallery Istanbul 2002 Artemis Art Gallery Istanbul 2002 Istanbul International Art Fair ( (Anka art Gal.)Lütfi Kirdar Istanbul 2002 Erbil Art Gallery Istanbul 2001 Uran Art Gallery Istanbul 2000 Gülmine Art Gallery Istanbul 1999 Yasarbank Harbiye Art Gallery Istanbul 1998 Yasarbank Alsancak Art Gallery Izmir 1998 Tarabya Art Gallery Istanbul 1998 Akbank Cinnah Art Gallery Ankara 1997 Unique Art Gallery Izmir 1997 TCDD Müzesi Art Gallery Izmir 1997 Pinebay Art Gallery Kusadasi 1993 Akbank Konak Art Gallery Izmir TR. Mixed Exhibition 2012 Toprak Art Gallery- BODRUM 2011 Oda Art Galley Istanbul 2010 Deyim Art Gallery Istanbul 2009 Ayhan Sahenk Vakfi exhibition Deyim Art gallery,Istanbul 2009 Toprak Art gallery BODRUM 2008 Deyim sanat Galerisi Istanbul 2008 Ürün Art gallery GalIstanbul 2008 Doruk Art gallery Istanbul 2007 Istanbul International Art Fair (Doruk Art Gallery) Tüyap Istanbul 2007 Naif ve Matginal Sanat Müzesi( Biennial )Jagodina,SERBIA 2007 EKAV Sanat galerisi Istanbul 2006 Çakinberk Art gallery . Balikesir 2005 Micro-credit International Art Bienali Ankara 2005 Pera Art gallery . Istanbul 2004 Kanat Bayazit Art gallery , Istanbul 2004 Ümit Yasar Art gallery Istanbul 2000 Ugur Mumcu Art gallery Izmir 1994 Akbank Art gallery Konak - Izmir 1993 EBSO Art gallery Izmir 1993 Çetin Emeç Art gallery Izmir 1992 Isbankasi Art gallery Izmir 1989 Çetin Emeç Art gallery Izmir continued backwards..........



**AWARDS:***** 2013 Naif Art festival (Galerii Szyb Wilson) Katowice in POLAND 1.AWARD (popular vote) 2013 London Art Biennale 2013 European Confederation of Art Critics Award Second Prize 2011 Biennale of Chianciano,The Chianciano Museum of Art honorable mention ITALY 2011 Premio Internazionale '' Pierantonio Cavalli'' XLI edizione...
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