A designer at heart. I guess that's really all that you need to know. Design has always been my passion ever since I discovered Photoshop all those years ago. And over these past couple of years, I changed design from something that I love to do to something that I want to. I also learned it's more than just knowing your way around Photoshop or any software for that matter. It's problem solving. We have to find solutions. We, at our cores, are creativists and problem-solvers. And I guess the rush I get when faced with a new challenge and the satisfaction gained upon solving it, is what keeps me wanting more.

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Work History

Career Objective To realize my true potential as a designer and to work on projects and developing ideas that will innovate and inspire the world. Also, to work with some of the most influential people in the design industry. Goal • To become an independent designer • To develop my individual style of work • To experiment with different mediums and provide innovative solutions to problems • To master all the elements of web design • To save the world with good design right after rock and roll Areas of Expertise Brand & Identity Design, User Experience, Creative Direction, Front End Web/User Interface Design, Colaterals, Conceptual Strategy, Graphic and Communication Design Key Skills and Strengths • Good communication and written skills • Good presentation skills • Creative thinking • Problem solving skills • Can work with strict deadlines • Good typography skills Major Design Projects • Webpage Designer, Concept and Building (Mosaik.in Fashion Show 2010) • Logo Designer (Concept; Mosaik Fashion Show 2010) • Print Management (Photo-shooting and Editing) • Graphic Designer (CFO4YOU Logo & Stationary) • Graphic Designer (Room to Grow Logo) • Creative Head (Communique festival, Dyal Singh College) • Web Design, Front End and UI (E-Squared, esquared.in) • Digital Media Communication, Concept Design and Execution (schoolofconvergence.com/content/DMC-brochure.pdf) • Founder, Koncept 33 Designs (koncept33.com) • Brand & Identity Design, The Brand Bee (www.the-brandbee.com) Employment History Designer - E-Squared: 11th April 2010 to 10th June 2010 – Lead Designer/Creative Head Main Duties and Responsibilities 1. Interviewing, hiring and leading a team of creative individuals 2. Meeting deadlines for various simultaneous design-work for different clients 3. Planning and designing innovative strategies for design problems Brand/Senior Designer - The Brand Bee September 2012 to February 2013 Main Duties and Responsibilities 1. Leading the Design team to provide innovative design solutions to clients 2. Coordinating with other creative individuals from different design disciplines to come up with work that showcases the best of different styles 3. Meeting clients to assess their creative needs 4. Working with tight deadlines to ensure the work gets done effectively and efficiently Computer Skills and Technical Knowledge • Knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver • Good coordination skills to manage and tie up the Front and Back end of programming • Digital Photography • Productivity Suites - Microsoft Office 2009 and Google Docs • Operating Systems - Mac OSX and Microsoft Windows • Efficient with Wacom Intous 4


Completed Secondary Education from Green Fields School New Delhi in 2009 Completed Advanced Diploma in Visual Communication and Interactive Media Design in 2011 Earned Bachelor's Degree in Design, Majoring in Multimedia Design in 2012



2012 - Thank God For Design, Identity Competition