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Hotel suite themed Old Delhi - Old Delhi has a feel and an aura attached to it.
A strange fact to be noticed is that the colors that come to someone's mind who knows well about this place are not very bright and vivid. The colors linked to it fall in almost the same category of dull colors BUT thats whats special about this place. The so called dull colors have presented the place in the form of a vintage arena of happenings instead of an old dilapidated location.
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In Old Delhi all the sections of society have synchronized themselves and thus you find rich merchants and daily wagers earning in the same area. Its just the Purani Dilli which is particular about a homogeneous mix of people. Such homogeneity is depicted on the focusing wall of the hotel suite where the cross section of stacked pipes in a market personifies the human population. Every pipe is personified as a human who is either under/covered by a supervising human (pipe), vice versa or both.
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Hotel suite themed Old Delhi

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