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  • robert "sideshow" drawbaugh

    Senior Art Director

    Seattle, WA

hello I’ve been designing for 15+ years, at agencies, in house, and directly for clients. I design for both print and web, specifically marketing, Branding, websites, Banner ads, pop, packaging, and I have a real passion for color and typography. I have a diverse creative style that allows me to hit the creative mark for many products and target markets. I create presentations and pitches for, television, films, advertising and marketing agencies; I was also an instrumental part of Coca Cola purchasing Fuze/NOS. I have spent many years art directing for large and very visible brands such as: Sony entertainment, Heineken, Timex, Perrier, the California surf museum, Coke, Pepsi, Nike, and four years as a senior art director for the elite “cubed” design team at Bloomberg L.P. In the end I’m just a creative that that loves what I do and thrives in a creative culture. 2 awards from print magazine: regional design annual (new York)--- 2 awards from Graphic Design USA: American in-house design award--- 1 award from Graphic Design USA: American Graphic Design Award---

Work Samples

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Work History

FREELANCE Sideshow: 2009-2015 Freelance for many companies and industries: fashion, music, Publishing, Logos, Branding, Apparel, Film, Television, and many othe industries... I have also had the opportunity towork with many non-profit organizations: California Surf Museum, AIDS/LifeCycle,The Keep A Breast Foundation, Cameron Siemers Foundation for Hope, and more... I have acted as a Freelance Art Director / Creative Director for many organizations: Sony Entertainment, Wiki-Grads, Greg Nolls, Roxy, Lazarus Films, Rogue Agent, Tenacity Entertainment, Francine Lecoultre, Carls Junior, ID Content Group, Cap Gun Holdups, Dead Day Revolution, Mike Johnson (Oz Wars), and others. FUZE: 2005-2006 Cliffs, NJ Acting Creative Director, for advertising, POP, and complete marketing materials. Cornerstone Marketing: 2005 New York, NY Conception and execution of a new line of packaging for Camel. The Voice: 2005-2007 Bridgeport, CT Conception and execution packaging, branding, and advertising for Computer Associates. Timex: 2003-2005 Middlebury, CT Created new packaging, displays, and brand identity for Reef Gear surf line. Illustrated entire series of the Timex 150th anniversary catalogs. Designed the full line of Troy Lee packaging. Sony: 2004 Park Ridge, NJ Designed and illustrated packaging, POS, and in-store signage. Alcone Marketing Group: 2004 Darien, CT Created Dannon promotional packaging for “Finding Nemo”. Redesigned Sarina Williams collector cards for “Close Up”. Ben Marketing: 2003 Stamford, CT Created presentation materials for new Coke Promotions. Designed and produced a prototype for the new Coke promotional label (patent pending). Designed new promotional NASCAR section for Coke web site. Ryan Partnership: 2003-2005 Wilton, CT Conceptualized and executed multuple Major League Baseball promotions for Pierre, Arrowhead, Poland Springs... including stadium environments, out-field billboards, and advertising. Designed and produced the Hieneken (Matrix Reloaded) European marketing for Hieneken branding in Matrix Reloaded. 2G: 2002, Santa Monica, CA junior designer Print Design for Media copy, BMI, and Best Buy. Interactive Jungle: 2001-2002 Los Angeles, CA Concept design and illustration for “3rd Rock From the Sun”. FULL TIME EMPLOYMENT Wizards of the Coast Senior Art Director, Marketing 2014-current Bloomberg: 2006-2009 New York, NY Senior Print Designer and illustrator Responsible for designing full-run identities, annual reports, brochures, advertisments, custom premiums, books, posters, and large scale graphics) Oversee printing and production of all and working closely with vendors to manage timelines and quality control. Recceived three design awards from Graphic Design USA, and two regionel design awards for New York from Print Magazine. HVC brands: 2003-2005 South Norwalk, CT Creative Director Created corporate branding and identity, packaging, marketing POP, advertising, apparel design, visual strategies, and websites. Brands included Hawaiian vintage chocolate, Diesel energy bars, Solar Bars, and Sobe Chocolate. Tracy Locke Partnership: 2002-2003 Wilton, CT Art Director Designed multible forms of marketing for Pepsi and Frito Lay Brands including: Billboards, POP design, photo comps, In-store signage, splash pages, modern Iconography for Pepsi packaging, and presentation design. Conceptualized and pitched Pepsi’s “Gravity” pack (slender multi can packaging). Spartan Brands: 2001-2002 New York, NY Designer and Illustrator Illustrated urban graffitti and logos for packaging. Created vector versions of hand illustrated graffiti concepts Prototype: 2001 Agoura Hills, CA Art Director Created corporate and brand identity for this motion capture and CG design house. The Gary Group: 2001 Santa Monica, CA Art Director Created Best Buy promotional materials. includes BMI music posters for artists such as Snoop Dog and Michael Jackson. Spongelab: 2000 - 2001 Sherman Oaks, CA Senior Production Artist Responsible for web design, sales presentations, typography, and page layout for web design. CLIENTS Completed Projects for more then 30 corporate and consumer brands including:Pepsi, Best Buy, Lazarus Films, Five Axis, BMI, Reef Gear, Id Content Group,Timex, Heineken, Pierre, Computer Associates, CPC (central park), Troy Lee Design, California Surf Museum, Roxy, Greg Nolls, Reebok, Coke, Sony Entertainment, Simon & Schuster Publishers, Sobe, Nike, and Bloomberg. PROGRAMS expert in: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Indesign. EDUCATION California State University Chico Bachelors of Arts: Media Arts 1998 Additional degrees in: Art history, Film theory, Philosophy 1998


  • California State University Chico

    • media arts, film history, art history, and philosophy .
    • 1996 - 1999



2 awards from print magazine regional design annual (new york)--- 2 awards from Graphic Design USA: american inhouse design award--- 1 award from Graphic Design USA: American Graphic Design Award---