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Smart "Work to play concept" - Smart is a company that is considering making an entrance into the US market, however it is a company that isn't doing too well.

In order to make the right appearance into the american marketplace, they need to make a vehicle that can cater towards american tastes.

My approach is to develop a sports car that allows for practicality. A vehicle that one can take from the city to mountains or wherever one enjoys their leisure.
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Cadillac Elysee - Most executive transporters are too big and are difficult to drive and park within the city. With the new autonomy platform, I want to place the driver near the front of the car, allowing for the most passenger space in the back without compromising the overall size of the vehicle.
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Jeep Commander interior - The Jeep Commander is a trail rated 7 passenger Jeep. The interior should reflect that quality with the use of durable materials like aluminum as well as the aesthetic inspired by rugged electronics.

I feel the the rear passenger seats should be against the walls to allow easier ingress and egress from the hatch.
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Cadillac Elysee interior - This interior fits within the Cadillac Elysee. I wanted to create a relaxing, spacious environment by providing a different seating configuration that can be modified if need be.
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spaceship - With influences from sports cars as well as some well known concept art designers, I created a spaceship. Just something I did in my spare time that was both a fun and educational experience.

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