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Gambling Addiction - Prevention over cure - Product Concept:

Introduce an interactive yardstick that will establish emotional connection with casino users and take on a soft approach to prevent addiction.

Product conditions:
1. Interaction - personal, private
2. Character - personality, for emotional connection
3. Yardstick - able to restrict users from 'over the board' gambling
4. Appeal - class and style suitable for casino users, must not appear restrictive
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Wootch - Gambling Companion - Wootch utilizes a 'soft' approach to moderate the user's involvement in gambling. It takes on a personality and either cheers on the user or whines when it gets tired. The lifebar serves as a kind of yardstick that varies according to the emotions detected by its sensors. For example, the lifebar will decrease exponentially if it detects prolonged adreline high. This reduces the risk of over compulsive gambling which continuously, leads to addiction.

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some concept research - In an interview with Mr Dick Lum, Member of Panel of Assessors by the National Council of Problematic Gambling, he stated that there is no cure for the addiction. Addicts will always be prone to relapse when they encounter triggers, like commercial ads, movies, etc. It is way better to work on prevention. Wootch was inspired by Wheebo, Robbie William's adorable flying assistant in the movie 'Flubber'.

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