Personal Home Robot - The home of the future is intelligent.
Central interlaced, the internal electrical appliances and house installations exchange themselves for more comfort, security, energy efficiency and thus finally, for better living.
Data lines replace the conventional wiring.

The robot works as central remote control and maintenance device for the functions of the smart home. He is perfectly integrated into the internal network of the wired house. He can connect directly to the different home appliances, from heating system to answering set.
He personalizes the building service on the base of his own nature. He is the central communication partner for the user. The robot allows central controlling and supervision from on single point. He is the central interface.
By the robot we are able to communicate with technology in a way, we are just used to do between humans.
Artificial systems react with gesturing to the human user. Technic explains itself to us by behaviour patterns.

The robot works as translator between human and technology, to supply us with information in a way, we understand immediately, without explanation.
By the touch-screen on the robots head, the user can make daily adjustments, like changing the room temperature, looking for e-mails, etc.
With the help of a screen on his chest, the robot gives reference about his current status or which function he implements, on the base of a single icon.

Comparable to the mimic of humans, the robot reacts with the help of his antennas, emotionally.
Joy, dislike, request for attention, interest, irritation are shown us by sign language. He gives signals and reacts to his user in a way, which is intuitively understood.
Glider cockpit interior - »Interior design of a new kind of glider, developed at the Technical University of Dresden.«
The exterior of modern gliders correspond to the highest state of functional aesthetic. The long evolutionary development and technical optimization formed outstanding elegant objects.
The absolute contrast of this can be seen by a view in the interior of this high tech machines. Cheapest plastic meets old-fashioned cushions. By the new developed glider of the TU Dresden should this condition be changed.
The subtitle for this project was.
»Sensual flying«

The most unique experience which flying can provide is the feeling of height and far-sightedness. Especially in such a glider, where travelling through the air happens in calmness, undisturbed from any motor noises. To enhance this feeling of flying like a bird, I decided to take everything out of the sight of the pilot what´s not absolutely necessary, like instruments and steering facilities.
At first I decided to increase the transparent part of the hood as much as possible, to enlarge the sight of the pilot. Like the cap of a pen should the front part open and close.
My main intention was not to place the pilot and passenger in an flying vehicle, but to give them the feeling to sit onto the glider. Only by the presence of the human body should the complete cockpit be dominated. Every equipment is placed under them and only absolutely necessary parts like the instruments reach into their field of visibility. By this I wanted to realize the old humans dream to fly like a bird as much as possible. To make it more barrier less and to enjoy the feeling of height and wideness in an unknown way.

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