Touch Pad Speakers - Designed as entry level computer speakers, the intent of this design was for users to not have to accept the current mediocre speakers that come with a computer. It is is touch pad activated, gives light intensity feedback and is usb powered.
Quick Grab CD Holder - using a non-abrasive silicone rubber and sandwiched by an aluminium sheet frame, this CD holder is designed as a stylish computer desk accessory.
Carbon/Kevlar Bar Stool - This barstool utilizes the modern material characteristics of carbon fiber and kevlar, and implemetns it in a typical (wine glass) structural form. Set in an upscale environment, this barstool upholds the style and material standards of well to do customers.
Following Light - Based on a future lighting concept, this light system has smart lights and dumb lights that follow it using Zigbee technology, bluetooth's little brother. The smart lights would track your paths, shining light where you needed it most, doign the work for you, while the dumb lights would provide low ambient light and supporting light for the smart lights, depending on the user interaction.
Black Box Exhibition - The concept for this exhibition space was the house of tomorrow. Implemeting my idea about the house of tomorrow, with modularity and multi-tasking rooms taken into account, this exhibition space moves individual exhibits around common household rooms by using maving walls and interior spaces.

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