User Experience Designer and CUA Certified Usability Analyst with 10+ years of industry experience across domains such as Social Networking,Telecom, Banking & Finance, Enterprise and E-Commerce. Skills: • Certified Usability Analyst • Human Factors Specialist • User Experience designer • Information Architect • Interaction designer • Visual Designer Specialties: • Systems Thinking & Design Strategy • User Studies: Understanding the user context • UXD: Personas, Task flow Analysis, IA, Navigation, Wire framing, Heuristic Reviews, Usability testing, Visual Design • Strong UXD portfolio for top Telecom brands such as Verizon, AT&T and Mega path. • Responsible for onsite client interaction for UXD projects delivery, consultation and marketing activities across locations within Unites States. • Strong Usability sense and Creative Instinct to provide better User Experience.

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Address: Flt no 1, Shantiniketan, Plot no 8, Rsc 21, Gorai, Borivli (W), Mumbai 400091. Phone: 022-28699368 Mob: 9321278013. Email:, YUGANT H SONAWALE CURRENTLY Working as Software Interface Designer for Infosys Technologies limited in Pune. ACADEMIC BACKGROUND (2004-2007) National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Post Graduate Diploma In Product Design. Sardar Patel College of Engineering, Mumbai. Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics). AWARDS/CERTIFICATION RECEIVED Organization: HFI (Human Factors International). Certification: CUA (Certified Usability Analyst) A certification program in software ergonomics. HFI-Certified Usability Analyst demonstrates his mastery of the fundamental principles of User-centered design. Organization: Saboo Siddik College of Engineering (Mumbai) March 2003. Organizers: Overdrive magazine and Industrial design center (IIT Mumbai). Topic: To design an amphibious vehicle for relief operations. Prize: First. Organization: Human Computer Interaction (Hyderabad). Event: USID2007 (Living in a Digital world) June 2007. Topic: To design a public email system for Elderly. Prize: Second. Organization: UMO (UsabilityMatters.Org) --'World Usability Day'. Event: Boycott Bad Design Competition Dec 2007. Topic: To Submit Badly designed products. (Product: 2 rupee coin). Prize: Was chosen as one of the top ten best submissions. Event : Tancher Mobile UI design competition. Topic ; To design a cellphone for the year 2014. Prize ; The entry was shortlisted among the top 13 entries all over the globe. INDUSTRIAL TRAINING Organization: Ticket Design Studio (Pune). Project: Design of a WIFI Camera for Smart Home Automation Systems. My contribution was conceptualization and design of a WIFI camera for baby monitoring, surveillance and video conferencing under the guidance of EX-Nidians Mr. Bal Krishna Mahajan and Nishma Pandit. DIPLOMA PROJECT SOFTWARE KNOWLEDGE Organization: Phoenix Medical Systems (Chennai). Project: Comprehensive Infant Care Unit (CICU). A comprehensive Infant care unit is used for nurture of preterm babies and to carry out procedures on them .My contribution was redesign and resolution of the usability problems in a CICU unit. I suggested better rotating and tilting mechanisms for the bed, a properly distributed storage space for the instruments, appealing form derived from the concept of a germinating seed, better information architecture and visual layout of the software interface so as to suit the education level of the nurses. SOFTWARE KNOWLEDGE Auto cad, Corel draw, Rhino, Adobe Photoshop CS2. PROJECTS AT NID 1. Conceptualization and design of a Baby bedding cum Diapher bag used at times of travel. 2. Conceptualization and Redesign of Product cum Software interface design of an EAPBX SYSTEM customized for NID. 3. Redesign of a Steam Autoclave used in hospitals for sterilizing surgical instruments and linens. 4. System Design(Microsoft Design Research 2006): The Microsoft Design competition was taken up by us as Systems project. We considered the user category of rich elderly in Ahmedabad and their problem area of social alienation . Stories are an efficient medium to pass on moral values from one generation to other. Hence we conceptualized a software application named as “Milaap-Bringing people closer “which was based on the story teller model. It enabled the elderly grandparents and their grandchildren abroad to make stories, tell stories, build characters, role play them, doodle them and play games through them.


National Institute of Design, India