The Slegoon - Slegooning is a new winter sport in which participants travel down a snow-covered slope in single person sledge-type crafts, called Slegoons, in full-contact races. They can continue even when overturned.

The Slegoon won first prize in the UK IOM3 Design Innovation in Plastics competition 2003, and has received international press, from magazines like Blueprint and Design Week.
Kenwood Vision Kitchen - We analysed the cooking process and broke this down into five main areas. We then devised a set of brand propositions for the Kenwood of tomorrow.

Combining both the analysis and the brand values we were able to produce a concept kitchen, shown here, to act as a vessel for the ideas. It was also intended to be a tool for Kenwood to use to evaluate their products.

I worked closely with another student on this project. There was also frequent liaison with Kenwood throughout.
Stratus - Transportable Mountain Hut - Fatigue on the mountains can result in the death of climbers.

The Stratus mountain hut can be easily flown into remote regions, providing an environment for rest and recuperation overnight before the push to the summit.
Poseidon Ceramic Outboard Engine - The Poseidon utilises the benefits of engineering ceramics, namely anti-corrosion, durability and increased flexibility compared to traditional ceramics, to form a more reliable outboard engine for small boats. It also uses a completely new drive system that increases efficiency and protects swimmers from the propeller.

I worked closely with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution to further understand the conditions outboards are subjected to, and how to improve upon existing models.

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