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Studying the Masters - Acrylic, cre pas, colored pencil on strathmore
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Graphite on Paper : Ufizzi, Florence Italy - Giorgio Vasari 1561 - A precedent study of my favorite urban space.
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Graphite on Paper - Olivetti Office - A reskining of Richard Meier's prototype for Olivetti was the subject of study. On operable 4'x8' copper panel track system was created as a shading device for the main entrance. As the users modify the system, the building transforms, layering on a beautiful playfulness inside and out. Additionally, each internal program was wrapped, relaying its system externally within the changing material.
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Top row from left to right:
"Quotes" - (5) resin transfers
"Morphology" - (1) digital construction of material transformation

Middle Row from left to right:
"Siren": Mapping Model Cast from hydrocal with resin transfers and wood.

"Spatial Happenings" - ink on strathmore
images below are of model - plexi, fasteners, wire + styrene.

Bottom Row from left to right:
"Siren" - pencil on paper

"Piping |"

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