“With a product that already provides an efficiency rating in the mid-90% range, Kato Engineering challenged itself to do even better. The result is a newly designed and patented generator concept called Laminar Cross Flow Technology. At 1.5 megawatts and above, Kato now offers generators that produce power at up to 98% efficiency, with 0.9PF load, based on IEC methods and calculations”

Video animation for Kato Engineering showing exploded and assembly views of Industrial Generator depicting placement in a Power Generator Center joined with diesel engines. Scene indicates the Power Center as backup electrical power for a large commercial facility. A portion of the direction required the animation of fog/airflow through the generator for cooling purposes. Software utilized for the 3d modeling and frame animations, SolidWorks 2011/2012. After Effects CS4 was utilized for compiling the frames, edits, sequencing and for the fog and audio. Outside services generated the fog effect...

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