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Oil pastel Phoenix and Dragon
A picture I did for a friend's new baby's bedroom.
Fun pirate ship design to put on mugs to be sold in my Zazzle.com store. Made in Illustrator. http://www.zazzle.com/its_all_for_me_grog_mug-168990869920234341
For use on my Zazzle.com store. Made in Illustrator
Abstract oil pastel based on a descriptive prompt
Stamp-sized colored pencil drawings of instruments
A whimsical logo design, pencil and black marker
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Cow bones in charcoal
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Pumpkin and mug, charcoal
Self portrait in a mirror. Oil pastel
"Sisters," an oil pastel study of the impressionist style
"Choices." Done in colored pencil
Dreaming fairies sketch in pencil
Illustration for my high school Christmas card
Dancing entrees, for a school cookbook
Native American Girl, inspired by a photo. Chalk pastel

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