Hi, my name is Sun-oh Choe. I am a passionate and aspiring creative professional with a focus on product design (consumer electronics and home appliances). I have over 5 years of fine arts background (sculpture & figure drawing) and experience with sales, animation, vision communication (graphic design), and UI/UX over the years. I am a strong advocate for disruptive design, premium taste, minimalism, and wood grain. Others have described me as having keen observation skills, being organized, detail-oriented, self-motivated and extremely curious. I started my own sculpting business when I was 15, grossed over $90,000 in 5 years and managed ten professional international artists to release two high end figure lines. I'm fluent in Spanish & Korean and an avid follower of trending technology and gadgets and have traveled to over 20 countries and lived in the United States, Mexico, and South Korea.


• Honorable Mention - Housewares Student Design Competition --------------- • Middleweight Boxing Chamption - Notre Dame Bengal Bouts



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