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  • Susan Heller

    Senior Writer|Creative Services - Writer|Producer|Director

    Westport, CT

** TO VIEW MY WORK, CLICK ON THE PORTFOLIO LINK - UPPER RIGHT OF PAGE ** HOVER over thumbnails for Descriptions. ******* Senior Writer -- Susan Heller Creative Services ******* ************ Writer | Producer | Director ************** ** I'm a visual writer - I create short & long form work for: Digital-Web Content, Corporate, Consumer, Advertising, Books & Blogs, Health & Beauty, Email & Direct Mail, HTML5, Video, Articles -- My styles range from silly to straight, dramatic and comedic, literate or loony, headlines to white papers, entertainment to education. I have samples of all of the above. ** Deadlines are not an issue, they're a lifestyle. And, I play well with others. ** Please see My Portfolio for Videos, Articles, Blogs, Email & Direct Mail, Web Content, Brochures, Interactive Scripts, Consumer Goods, Medical & Pharma, Health & Beauty. Additional Genres & Samples Available. ** I absolutely love the projects that result from working in context with others, of productive creative dialogue. That said, a creative professional must also know and comprehend a project from a technical standpoint as well as an artistic one - from concept creation through final production. ** Leveraging neuroscience for marketing is not new. Knowing how to drop information into long-term memory is also well represented in the literature. ** Moving people to take action; click a link, purchase a product or create a new fabulosity, is where the rubber meets the road. (Brilliant advertising meme.) ** Senior Writer - Producer | Director | Editor | Speechwriter | Web Content Creator

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Work History

  • Senior Writer - Writer | Producer | Director | Editor

    • Susan Heller Creative Services
    • Aug 2000 - Present (17 years 4 months)

    Senior Writer - Producer | Director | Editor | Speechwriter | Web Content Creator

    ** Marketing
    ** Email & Direct Mail
    ** Banners
    ** Blogs
    ** Articles
    ** Web Content
    ** Scriptwriting
    ** Speeches

    ** TV Spots
    ** Advertising
    ** Radio Spots

    ** Video & Film Scriptwriter
    ** Video & Film Director
    ** Video & Film Production

  • Senior Writer

    • Susan Heller | Creative Services
    • Jan 2015 - Jan 2015

    Senior Writer | Creative Services
    Writer | Producer | Director | Editor
    - Consumer Products - Advertising & Marketing
    - B2B Products & Services
    - Broadcast
    - Cable
    - Corporate
    - Manufacturing
    - Medical & Pharma
    - Social & Educational Services
    - Legal
    - Financial Services

    Please go to Portfolio to see samples: Video, Articles, Web Content, SEO, Corporate Communications, Blogs, B2B, B2C, Health & Beauty, Interactive Flash/HTML5.

  • Writer | Creative Consultant | Book Collaborator |

    • Susan Heller
    • Jan 2015 - Jan 2015

    As a Writer and as a Writer/Producer/Director, my skill-set includes the ability to 'channel' a client's voice (company or individual) to produce articles, ads, books, web content and speeches that flow naturally and maintain consistency.

    Just as with any video or visual presentation I create, the interweaving of words, music and images must be seamless. The Message and consequent Call To Action are the stars of every show.

  • Writer / Creative Director

    • Susan Heller
    • 2015 - 2015


    • Wide Range of Web Content - from beauty to financial
    • Persuasive Internet Copy for product cross-sells
    • B2B & B2C
    • Marketing Communications
    • Articles - Interviewing, Writing & Editing

    • Print Materials
    • Speech-writing & Coaching
    • Marketing Materials
    • Product Launches
    • Newsletters
    • Employee Communications

    • Writer, Director, Editor
    • Conceptual design for 3D & 2D effects
    • Music bed creation
    • Extrapolate content message to full infomercial length

    Boston University
    Vera Wang
    Pepperidge Farm
    Modem Media
    Deloitte & Touche
    Long Island Soundkeeper
    Byelas & Neigher Entertainment Law
    Burroughs Center
    Stepping Stones Museum
    East Coast Home + Design Magazine
    W2W Magazine

  • Media Consultant / Article

    • National Law Journal
    • Jul 2009 - Jul 2009

    2009 was the year of the Media Consultant.

    I worked with lawyers, doctors and executives to help them understand how to survive and thrive in the fishbowl that has become our world.

    Obviously, confidentiality precludes me from naming names - however I did write an article for The National Law Journal -- http://www.law.com/jsp/PubArticle.jsp?id=1202432024121 -- July 2009 issue that has to do with lawyers and the media.

    This Brave New Hyper-Exposed World of ours has created a myriad of hidden dangers. The rules have changed. Anyone who is not cognizant of how and why, will at some point, make some very bad decisions.

    That's why you call me. As a Media Consultant I will show you exactly where the dangers for your specific industry lie. I can craft information, quotes and responses to all kinds of input that will ensure you don't overspeak, and that your 3 second sound byte or 2 line blog item is the right one.

  • Biography / Frederick K. Biebel

    • Politics
    • 2008 - 2008

    I just wrote a biography about a man who has been in politics for over 60 years. This fall, he will attend his 14th Republican Convention. Very few, if any on either side of the aisle can make that claim.


  • University of Miami

    • Successful Life Ethology
    • 2000 - 2017

    Rather than continuing with animal behavior, I found my creative voice more compelling in terms of being able to be of service to people and the planet; including the corporate world and non-profits.