Vespa - Worked from reference photos to create this wedding cake topper. Used sculpey clay to sculpt it with wire to help prevent breakage of thin parts and connecting to clay base. Fine details include motor on side and spokes, lights, license plate, tire treads, initials in 3 different places.
Vespa Series - The first in the transportation series. I created the vespa within an hour. It's the first one I've made and I rushing to get it done, baked and then photographed before the sun disappeared. This vespa is loosely based on model LX 50 4V. I'd like to try this one again with more detailing.
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Penguin Bride and Groom - Small - A bride and groom couple who are ready for the big day who are having as much fun as they can with those they care about.
Chef Penguin Couple - It's been know to happen on occasion for 2 chefs to bond over cooking.

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