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  • Syed Imran

    Co-Founder and Games Producer

    Lahore, Pakistan

As Game Producer, I direct a team of artists and developers to create entertaining games. I am responsible for defining and implementing key aspects of the game development life cycle for Galassia Studios; and as such am involved in: - Concept and Prototyping Gameplay and Mechanics - Concept to production of 2D/3D assets - Environment and Level Design - Game Mechanics and Economy - UI / UX - Monetisation, Marketing and User Retention - Game Balancing - QA and Bug Testing - Analysing KPI's to increase performance and ROI for the product. Heavily influenced by experiencing the golden age of computer games of the late 80's and 90's; I have a passion for making great games that can entertain people of all ages. I oversee the production of our games on multiple platforms (Google, iTunes, Amazon). My passion for games led me to graduate from Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom with an MA; winning the New Researchers Award 2009 (25k GBP prize) in collaboration with SHU Sports Department and British Swimming Association. Our effort was featured in The Times, UK Edition on the 26th of March 2012 and can be previewed at http://t.co/6qIqyolT. Since then, I have been involved in many ventures, personal and collaborative to further my urge to create entertaining games. Google Play: http://bit.ly/1nkQjMh Amazon Appstore: http://amzn.to/1nvrWfq Apple iTunes: http://apple.co/1JAJlx7 Check us out on Youtube: | http://bit.ly/1R5OcGj Top Pixel Games | Android: http://bit.ly/200MeyA Top Pixel Games | Amazon: http://amzn.to/1KTnd1h

Work Samples

  • Sowwah Island Bridges

  • TC Design Competition

  • Catapult

Work History

2015 to Present Co-Founder, Games Producer Galassia Studios, Lahore, Pakistan Working with my team of artists and developers; I design games in various genres that are trending in the mobile gaming industry to find the right mix of entertaining gameplay and monetisation potential. Planning ahead is crucial for fast turnaround times in the everchanging mobile games industry. Most of our games are F2P and ad-supported; though we have a couple of games that implement in-app purchases for unlocking additional content (vehicles, guns, characters etc). Progressing through Alpha, Beta and Release polishes our games to the required level with a proper QA feedback loop. Updates and gameplay tweaks are planned and scheduled based on Analytics data from users; and we actively try to increase the LTV of the players and keep them re-engaged with fresh content. 2014 to 2015 Senior 3D Artist, Game Designer, Projects and Game Manager Sunstar Technologies, Lahore, Pakistan Lead team of artists and developers to create compelling mobile games for the Android and iOS stores. Responsible for generating Game/Level Design and actively work with developers to enhance game mechanics and overall enjoyability. Manage Playstore game account; analyze KPI's and act on feedback generated from Google Analytics and multiple Ad platforms to enhance user retention and revenue. Actively promote games roster in social media, research new ways to improve app visibility and drive new user acquisition in the appstore. Visualise and create 3D Art and Animation. Research character and level design and create all needed artwork in mobile games developed in the Unity3D game engine. Create and animate all 3d characters required in the game. Design and implement UI/UX schemes for the same. 2013 to 2014 3d Game Artist Raed Entertainment, Islamabad, Pakistan Work closely with the developers and the CEO to create artistic content for games; ranging from logos, UI/UX, 3d models; unwrapping; light, animate, rig, render and post for use in Unity 3d or CryEngine; promotional videos and material. 2011 to 2012 Entrepreneur Hybrid Arts, Lahore, Pakistan Was the owner of a promising startup I invested in, providing all kinds of creative services in Pakistan and abroad; and had the rare chance of living the fulfilling experience of being an entreprenuer and employer. 2010 to 2011 3d Artist and Project Manager PTAH Group, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Managing an offshore team of 8 artists in China; I was responsible for making sure our clients got their product on time; getting the intial brief from the client and making a storyboard if the client hadn’t done so himself. We had an Archviz Production pipeline that was able to deliver stunning architectural visualisation animations and documentaries in superfast time frames; done on blazing render servers halfway across the globe in China. Major projects: Sustainable Villas for Al Barari; co-sponsored by Masdar and the UAE Govt. in Abu Dhabi. Still renderings of bridges to Al Sowwah Island in Abu Dhabi for Shape Architects, Sharjah. Visualisation of the Swift 141 Yacht and its hangar for a private client in Abu Dhabi. 2010 Senior 3d Artist Lighteo, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Under the guidance of Olivier Panhuys, acclaimed structural lighting artist from France/Belgium, we made lighting designs of famous buildings in the UAE and around the world. Major projects: Rixos Premium Hotel in Belek, Turkey. ADNEC Al Ain Exhibition Centre in the United Arab Emirates. 2009 3d Artist UK Sport, Sheffield / London, United Kingdom I had the pleasure of working for UK Sport, London to create a serious game for British Olympian swimmers. The simulator was meant as a Serious Game meant for olympian swimmers to learn the course of the Open Water Swimming Event at the Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park, London. The game employed a physics engine embedded in Ogre3D which enabled realistic simulation of different factors affecting the way swimmers navigate the course. Extensive research was done with olympic swimmers; and with SHU’s sports research department. Animations were done through the motion-capture studio in the SHU and were later refined in Motion Builder for final touches. Our software; ultimately named “Open Water Warfare” won the New Researchers Award 2009 competition from among 18 Universities in the Midlands; and our team was consequently awarded a 25000 British Pound prize. 2007-2009 3d Artist Ghazi Awad Architects and Engineers, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Was employed with the architectural design department directly under the CEO of a well known architectural consultancy in Abu Dhabi. Worked on many high-profile projects. Responsibilities included studying working drawings and elevations to create architectural visualisations. Major projects Sorouh 64-65, Reem Island Abu Dhabi. Al Oula Towers, DANET Abu Dhabi. Al Badi Shams Abu Dhabi. ADNEC Capital Centre (Centro Hotel) Abu Dhabi. SEBA Towers Abu Dhabi. Multiple ADNOC Petrol Pumps in Abu Dhabi and the Western Region. Al Barashi and Al Heera Residential Complex, Sharjah. 2006 Texture Artist Studio Fork, Lahore, Pakistan A short stint at a game company landed me my first game artist credentials. Working mainly as an environment modeler; I used to frequently work as a texture artist; unwrapping models. 2005-2006 Architectural Visualizer Expert Design Systems, Lahore, Pakistan Assuming the role of a generalist, I created visualizations and animations for architectural projects and various exhibitions held in Pakistan. 2005 3D Graphic Design & Illustration Multimedia Marketing Network, Lahore, Pakistan An entry level career role, I was responsible for designing advertisements for different clients in Pakistan and abroad. Most of the advertisements included 3d design and vector artwork.


  • Sheffield Hallam University

    • Masters of Animation Animation for Games
    • 2008 - 2009



New Researchers Award 2009 from UK Sport; United Kingdom