Extensive technical understanding of the art pipeline for gaming as well as architectural visualisation. Familiarity with the creative approach and process to produce outstanding results every single time. Ability to comprehend the requirements of a project, assess and optimize the current pipeline accordingly in order to meet all deadlines. I am humble in attitude, and resilient in the face of ever changing client demands. I respond constructively to criticism; able to organize and manage multiple projects while strictly adhering to quality and asset management standards. I have advanced and technical knowledge of the art asset pipeline of two industry standard game engines; Unity3D and CryEngine 3. I can create high fidelity game objects for a range of games, be it for high polygon count PC games, or optimized meshes for a great experience on the latest Apple and Android devices. I have hands-on game experience, having worked on creating an award winning serious game (Open Water Warfare) for UK Sport through team effort while in Sheffield Hallam University. It was meant to train Olympian swimmers around a realistically modeled course of the 2012 Open water Swimming competition in Hyde Park, London. The game was featured in The Times, UK Edition on the 26th of March 2012. The feature can be previewed at http://t.co/6qIqyolT I have also contributed to a proof of concept serious game RTS by my team in University which was judged by industry veterans at Game Chemistry, Sheffield as excellent. A short stint at a game company in Pakistan in my early career exposed me to environment modeling and texture creation for an AAA title.

Work Samples

  • Sowwah Island Bridges

  • TC Design Competition

  • SteamPunk Character

Work History

Experience 2013 to Current Game Artist Raed Entertainment, Islamabad, Pakistan I work as a 3d artist creating game content to be used either in mobile games or for highend PC games. Scope of work includes but not limited to, vector character illustrations, game menus, modeling, unwrapping, texturing, lighting, animation, rigging, rendering, post. Creating high quality art assets initially as low poly in 3dsmax, sculpting high poly meshes in mudbox using a Wacom tablet and texturing it. Then exporting the asset as a low poly mesh; mapping it with extracted normals from the higher poly subdivided mesh with the relevant diffuse and specular maps. Familiar with the CryEngine 3 art asset import pipeline, using CryTIFF for the textures, and using the 3dsmax CryEngine 3 tools to export the relevant .cgf, .dds and .mtl files. Familiar with the Unity3D art asset import pipeline using fbx files for the meshes and industry standard techniques for diff, spec and normal maps using 3dsmax and Mudbox. 2011 to 2012 CG Artist, Co-Founder Hybrid Arts, Pakistan & UAE Based in Lahore, and led by two young, ambitious entrepreneurs, Hybrid Arts is a design house that aims to take a fresh, new approach to art and creativity. We aim to not only satisfy our clients, but to intrigue them creatively, and make them as much a part of the process as we are ourselves. We believe this is the best way to deliver a solution that is mutually agreeable and gratifying. We believe in freedom, and we believe in contribution. Across our workplace, everybody works together, and everybody gets treated the same way. We prove, every day, that a lack of hierarchy isn’t necessarily anarchy; and the only red tape in our office is the one holding together the coffee machine (just kidding, it works perfectly … seriously!). This gives us less to worry about on the inside, so we can give all our time to our clients and their requirements. 2010 to 2011 Project Manager / 3d Artist PTAH Group in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates As a Project Manager, I am required to manage different aspects of the animation production pipeline through our offshore office in China and London. I am trusted with making creative/aesthetic decisions for producing the animations and making sure that the projects are delivered on time. Major projects delivered include an animation of Sustainable Villas for Aqua Power, Abu Dhabi and still renderings of Al Sowwah Island (Abu Dhabi) Bridges for Shape Architects, Sharjah. 2010 Senior 3d Artist / Visualizer Lighteo in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates During my placement at Lighteo, I was responsible for visualizing exterior lighting designs for various projects. Most of the work involved using a shot of the structure and matte paint over it to get the required effect. This required researching the light dispersion of different sources of light and how they interact with different surfaces. Major projects delivered include visualizations of the lighting design of the Rixos Premium Hotel in Belek, Turkey and the ADNEC AlAin Exhibition Centre in the United Arab Emirates. 2009 3d Artist / Modeler / Animator UK Sport in Sheffield / London, United Kingdom During the MA as part of industry experience, two artists me included teamed up with two programmers to create the Official Swimming Training Simulator for UK Sports for the Olympics 2012. The simulator was meant as a Serious Game meant to facilitate swimmers to learn the course of the Open Water Swimming Event in the Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park, London. The game employed a physics engine embedded in Ogre3D which enabled realistic simulation of different factors affecting the way swimmers navigate the course. Extensive research was done with olympic swimmers and on the internet to come up with the most realistic solution. On the graphics side, our job as artists was to replicate the Lake. We created all the environments and the game assets. Animations were done through the motion-capture studio in the University and were later refined in Motion Builder for final touches. Our software; ultimately named “Open Water Warfare” won the New Researchers Award 2009 competition from among 18 Universities in the Midlands; and were consequently awarded a 25000 GBP prize. 2007-2009 3d Artist / Architectural Visualizer Ghazi Awad A&E in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Working as the senior 3d artist for a well known architectural consultancy in Abu Dhabi, I worked on high profile projects while on placement. I was entrusted with modeling from scratch entire buildings using only CAD drawings. Shot and material selection was done primarily by the lead architects, with lighting, rendering, and final composition being my prerogative. Major projects delivered include Sorouh 64-65 Reem Island Abu Dhabi, Al Oula Towers in DANET Abu Dhabi, Al Badi Shams Abu Dhabi Interiors, ADNEC Capital Centre (Centro) Abu Dhabi Interiors, SEBA Towers Abu Dhabi, multiple ADNOC Petrol Pumps, Al Barashi and Al Heera Residential Complex Sharjah. 2006-2007 Self Employed Freelancer / 3d Artist Animation House in Lahore, Pakistan Working as a freelance artist, I was commissioned to visualize several projects, delivering two major projects, a housing scheme in Faisalabad and a Memorial (Bab-e-Pakistan) in Lahore. 2006 Environment Modeler / Texture Artist Studio Fork in Lahore, Pakistan A short stint at a game company landed me my first game credentials. Working mainly as an environment modeler; I used to frequently work as a texture artist; unwrapping models. I worked on creating game levels for the AAA title : “Afterburn” for the PSP. 2005-2006 3d Generalist / Architectural Visualizer Expert Design Systems in Lahore, Pakistan Assuming the role of a generalist, I created visualizations for architectural projects and various exhibitions held in Pakistan. 2005 3D Graphic Design & Illustration Multimedia Marketing Network in Lahore, Pakistan In an entry level career role, I was responsible for designing advertisements for different clients in Pakistan. Some advertisements usually ended up having some sort of 3D design. Education Masters of Arts Degree in Animation for Games 2008-2009 Sheffield Hallam University in Sheffield, United Kingdom The dissertation of the MA consisted of a project of Crowd Simulations for the Architectural Visualization Industry. The end product was a pre-built system in 3ds Max whereby a user could just pick and choose his models and just animate them. All the behaviors of the delegates had been pre-programmed and tested to allow for the best possible realistic animation in the crowd simulation. GCSE A Levels, Cambridge University 2001 - 2004 Pepperdine College in Lahore, Pakistan IGCSE O Levels, Cambridge University 2001 Al Rayyan National Private School in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Sheffield Hallam University



New Researchers Award 2009 from UK Sport; United Kingdom