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Home & Garden show
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Amphora - Name and design for church event for friend's parents.

No fish fry here. Phyllo wrapped crab, mahi-mahi, spinach and feta was my favorite.

What those church ladies do with flour, sugar and butter is manna for the gods.

Since I have no culinary cultural background of my own; Ive adopted thier's.
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Magician's Nephew - Children's play production
Irate Snoopy was inspiration for Lion.
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Addition to existing logo - Logistics manager requested a logo to distinguish the department's services. I added the logistics graphic to existing MBS logo.
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Pro Bono for environmental group
annual 8.5 mile float /fund raiser
250 paddlers
t-shirts sold out
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Hope Center for Arts & Technology
Constructive Interference
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My Chop Mark

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