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    Producer/Creative Director

    Oakland, CA

WWW.TAKENOMATA.COM Established in 2015, TAKENOMATA Art & Design functions on a dual level - as a collaborative and progressive Art studio, and as an international visual identity and packaging Design agency. TAKENOMATA Art & Design produces carefully crafted works in a variety of media that are both visually attractive, forward thinking, and culturally significant. Our distinctive approach to art making & design brings together Takenomata’s conceptual vision with his intuitive artistry. The emphasis of our work is to create effective visual communication through pieces that are unique, memorable and timeless.

Work Samples

  • Newsweek Cover Art

  • Coke Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010

  • Package

Work History

Since the beginning of his career, Takenomata has developed a conceptual and rationale based approach to design. His design philosophy stems from the belief that stories are the key to successful visual communication. Takenomata gained his design acumen from years as a corporate art director but his sensibilities come from his diverse geographical background. He was born in Fukushima, Japan, received his first degree in computer information sciences in Tokyo then moved to New York City where he was a photographer's apprentice while pursuing his second degree in art. Takenomata was employed by some of the top design agencies and corporations in the United States and currently works internationally from his studio in Oakland, California.


Fashion Institute of Technology (State University of New York) & Tokyo University of Science