I offer high-end design to deliver your message with a lasting impact. All the designs I create is custom tailored to exceed your specific requirements while staying on budget and on time. My experience has uniquely positioned me as one of the leading Proposal Media development artist. My Niche is my 3D Concept of Operations. This service is at the heart of every proposal, here is where I take all the methods and concepts and translate them into a stunning visual representation of how your company is going to provide added value to your client. Clients: Skyway Acquisition, World housing Solutions, FlimScape Productions, Aramark, Agility Logistics, One Medical, Transonic Aviation, Contrast Design, P2R Games, Secret Legion Studios. Specialties: 3D Concept of operations Proposal Illustrations Interior Design - Illustration & Presentations 3D Technical Illustrations 3D Animation 3D Product Rendering 3D Printing Training Animation Industrial Design Interactive PDFs E-learning Graphic Facilitation

Experience & Education