Our Lady Peace Website - Flash animated website featuring the album "Happiness is Not a Fish You Can Catch" by Our Lady Peace. The website includes band information, album tracks, band photos and link to the media player.

The introduction animation includes the flickering of street lights (this effect is mimicked in the media player and music video). The white fish skips around the page when the mouse is over it, symbolizing a fish you cannot catch.
Our Lady Peace Media Player - Flash animated media player featuring the band Our Lady Peace. Included three songs along with an animated video for the song "Stealing Babies."

The animation includes the armless man walking into frame. He takes a seat as the light continues to flicker.

The white fish is the music stop button. While the bubbles coming from the fish are the volume controls.

Our Lady Peace Music Video - Flash animated video that illustrates the song "Stealing Babies" by Our Lady Peace. The video shows a dark figure climbing a hill towards a house, while lightning crashes in the background. The figure then goes into the house, turning on lights, searching. When the figure leaves the house he is carrying a baby in his hands. The video then starts again and loops until the song is over.

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