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Concept: Sam I Am: I really wanted to do an attention grabbing, unconventional in-your-face concept that said "America, F*ck yea!" For this concept I pulled inspiration from 3 main figures...Uncle Sam, Superman, and Theodore Roosevelt. I think it’s safe to say that you can see the association with Uncle Sam and the likes of Superman, but the Theodore Roosevelt association is a little hidden. If you know anything about him, history would tell you that he was, in simplest terms, an ass kicker. Roughly 100 years ago, he gave a speech in Milwaukee during which he was shot in the chest, and continued speaking for 90 minutes before seeking medical attention. This association to Milwaukee (hometown shout out) and how powerful he spoke with his arm held out, and his fist clenched are the inspiration for how "Super Sam" is illustrated.

Also I hid 3 shout-outs to my 3 favorite super heroes within the image...can you find them?

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