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For this design I chose 2 vastly different images as inspiration. The first image of inspiration is of a pair of Jordans. (representative in terms of the graphic style I wanted for this concept) The second inspiration for this concept is the iconic image of Washington crossing the Delaware River on the night of Dec. 25–26, 1776, during the American Revolutionary War.

To better understand this concept, bullet points would be the best way to explain how this design scheme directly relates to the iconic image

- Black top color = the night sky

- Red/White/blue "spray" colors = the colors of the flag and the "water spray" graphic represents the river

- Distressed old flag image within the graphic = ties closely to time period in which this event occurred

- 3 stars = the number of times Washington crossed the river (3 times) by the end of the year.

- styling of the 3 stars = symbolic of the dynamic proud pose Washington is shown in. Standing tall, chest out, moving forward

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