UMBRO Octopax logo design development created for soccer shoes used by Falcão that were inspired by the octopus and boast superior traction and ball control.
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UMBRO 'Octopax'
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Solado Indoor anti-derrapante com teconolgia UMBRO OCTOPAX, proporcionando perfeito amortecimento, estabilidade e movimentação ao atleta.
Umbro Centipax Soccer Turf outsole
Alienskin soccer concept created for Umbro Brazil that was inspired by Alien.
The Umbro SC3 indoor soccer outsole concept was designed exclusively for Umbro Brazil by New Level Design, 2005.
Umbro Beach Soccer.
Soccer uniform concepts that I designed were inspired from creatures of hte deep like mythical sea monsters and giant squid. The detailing of this inpiration can be see in the side paneling of the shirts and the patterns on the goalie uniforms. A 'sand crab' mascot and icon also were designed for the collection.

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