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  • Artem Oleschenko

    Chelyabinsk, Russia

Construction Engineer, CG specialist, cofounder of "five consonants" design bureau

Work Samples

  • architecture

  • Interiors

  • viz

Work History

Despite my main specialization, most part of my life i devoted to various kinds of design and computer graphics. My acquaintance with visualization happened 12 years ago. In 1998 I discovered the 3d studio. Since then, computer graphics has become an integral part of my life. My first project I completed at the age of 13 years. It was a visualization of the facades of a small fabric store "star" in the city of Chelyabinsk. Such early involvement in such projects was made possible thanks to my older brothers. One of them is the architect, the other - construction engineer. In my childhood I was fond of TRIZ. Desire to constantly something to invent, improve, ultimately defined my career. Now, I'm one of the founders of Design Bureau "Five consonants" and head of visualization and design. Our Design Bureau now employs 12 people. They are experts in the field of architecture, engineering, 3D graphics, graphic design, web tecnologies and video production. Despite the fact that our main profile this is still architecture, we perform work in various fields.Geography of our work is extensive, but we all still participate in projects mostly in Russia, except in specific cases. We are actively cooperating with the Moscow design studio "Krik design " and the result of this collaboration are successfully completed projects for companies such as Michelin, Visa, Volkswagen, Skoda and others. Basically it is different kinds of 3D graphics for media, web sites and printed materials. We are interested to cooperate with foreign specialists in various fields that require 3D graphics. Our technical equipment and the presence of its own render farm with capacity of 400 GHz allows us to do a large amount of work with high quality and short terms.


South Ural State University