An American/Norwegian industrial designer in Taipei, Taiwan. Speaks fluent Chinese. Has international experience from working in Norway, UK, USA and Taiwan. Is able to design for specific world markets. All portfolio samples are previous client work. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Work Samples

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Work History

OBJECTIVE Industrial design position. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS Concept sketching, 2D rendering, 3D modeling/rendering, model making, drafting and prototyping. Can communicate in English and Chinese (Mandarin). COMPUTER EXPERTISE Solidworks 2007 - 2001 PhotoShop CS3 - 5 Illustrator CS3 – 8 Cinema4D 10 - 9 Pro/ENGINEER WF3 - 2001 Alias Studiotools 13 - 9.5 Rhino 3.0, 2.0 InDesign CS3 Cobalt v6, v5 3d Studio MAX 7 – 4 Unigraphics NX Coreldraw 12 QuarkXpress 6.1 - 4.0 Dreamweaver MX2004 - 2 Flash MX2004 - 2 WORK HISTORY 11/07 – 02/09 UI Design, Taipei (Industrial Designer) (Taiwanese design consultancy) Designing a wide range of products from consumer electronics to house wares. Had often complete responsibility for the whole design phase providing numerous design proposals for each client. Learned how to distinguish and design for the specific tastes of the regions Taiwan, China, USA, Japan and Europe. Also learned to orally discuss design with colleagues using Chinese. 08/06 – 02/07 Xrange, Taipei (Industrial Designer) (Taiwanese design consultancy) This consultancy is famous for its award-winning range of Ipevo Skype products. The work was based around intensive concept development and presentation of 3C products for different clients, packaging design, communicating with vendors and preparing material for design. 02/06 – 08/06 Asus Design, Taipei (Industrial Designer intern) (Taiwanese in-house design department) The projects at this renowned design team were both future-oriented as well as developing current product lines. A high level of skill was acquired in all aspects of the design process, particularly gaining aesthetic sensitivity for mass-market consumer electronics and manufacturing knowledge. 04/05 – 01/06 Freelancer, San Francisco, USA (Industrial Designer) Working for different clients, projects included electronic consumer products, utilities for handicapped and soundproof room construction. 01/03 – 08/03 Splane Design Associates, Los Angeles, USA (Industrial Designer intern) A variety of tasks were accomplished and many skills were acquired at this industrial design consultancy. The projects included everything from exercise machines to medical equipment. I was actively involved with the whole design process with concept generation, model making, prototyping, CAD modeling, engineering documentation, patent writing and sourcing. 04/03- 07/03 Armer Design & Engineering, Los Angeles, USA (Engineer Designer intern) Employed by an engineering consultancy specializing in plastics design using Pro/Engineer. I created designs, made engineering drawings, produced renderings and consulted with clients. 07/00 – 02/01 IMI Cornelius, Alcester, England (Industrial Designer intern) Employed by the ‘blue sky’ department (Global Technology) at Cornelius the assignments included designing new concepts for drink dispensers, modeling CAD designs, prototyping and getting insight into manufacturing techniques. 01/99 – 08/99 Arnoy Graphics, Stavanger, Norway (Graphic Designer) Designing ads, posters, brochures and multimedia. Handling software, digital printing and preparing for offset printing. I was often in charge of the whole design process including having responsibility for the customers. EDUCATION 09/99 – 07/04 Brunel University, England. Industrial Design (BSc Honours) Thin Sandwich, Level 3 (year 4). Graduating in July. Design, Graphics, Design for Manufacture, CAD Principles, Managing Product Innovation, Materials, Structural Analysis, Electronics, Mechanics, Mechatronics, Systems Design and Modeling, Math, Programming, Interfacing, Italian. 06/95 – 08/95 European Business School (summer course), England. Management, finance and accounting. 08/93 – 07/97 High school in Elverum and Hamar, Norway. Graphic design course.


Brunel University