The professional success I have enjoyed is largely attributed to the informed artistic perspective I have developed working national as well as internationally and maintaining professional relationships with this industry. The enclosed offer a sample of my qualification and accomplishments for your review.

Work Samples

  • Graphic Novels

  • Digital Illustration

  • Graphic Design

Work History

Resume Graphic Designer / Illustrator EXPERIENCE FIELDS Graphic Design Web Design Photography Drawing & Painting Sculpture Interior Design Graphic Novel Technical Illustration Architectural Illustration Fashion Illustration Commercial Illustration Digital illustration COMPUTER SKILLS, I have excellent knowledge and solid experience in design software, ( PC and Mac ) GRAPHIC APPLICATIONS Adobe Photoshop CS2 Adobe ImageReady CS2 Adobe Illustrator CS2 Adobe Indesign CS2 Macromedia Freehand MXa QuarkXPress 6 Microsoft office 2003 Z-Brush, painter iMovie (video editing) 3D Max WEB APPLICATIONS HTML, CSS Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Visual web developer TRADITIONAL SKILLS / Commercial GRAPHIC DESIGN: Catalog, brochure, poster, logo, logotype, flyers, greeting card design Print design, printing and production service experience Original concept / creation, custom art works, advertising layouts, Advertising campaigns. ( Press, TV ), Annual reports Magazine and book layouts, create quick sketch storyboards Photoshop graphic manipulation. Environmental Design Digital matte painting and digital rendering, ILLUSTRATIONS: Traditional classic style Illustrations ( oil color, gouache, water color ) Digital Illustration, model character designs Architecture, interior illustration, caricature, cartoon characters Cover book illustrations, Imaginary figure. FREE HAND DRAWING: Layouts, designs ( imaginary & studio ), Draft, sketch TYPOGRAPHY PHOTOGRAPHY: Photo retouching, photo manipulation and studio photography, Imaging, concept and design DISPLAY & FAIR STANDS