Energetic, ambitious and easy to get along with I always strive to create the highest quality work possible. Using my skills knowledge and passion for my work in order to bring the Directors vision to life. IN OTHER WORDS ALWAYS ON KEY ALWAYS ON POINT!!!!!

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Resume | Touseef Ahmed ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Contact Info Location: Manama Bahrain Phone: 0097334019699 Email: toujee.gfx@gmail.com URL: http://www.coroflot.com/touseef vimeo.com/toujee ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summary I spent my childhood and my teenage years immersed in comic books, movies and video games. I've learned to daydream and imagine fresh and new worlds and lived the adventures of my favorite heroes, absorbed the soundtracks and reliving those sequences in my head I wholly understood how much these art forms are complete, evocative and ultimately my true source of inspiration. I started this career in the hope that one day I would be part of the collective who gave me so much then and still do today. I want to continue that trend. I decided to specialize in Compositing as it is the culmination of all of this. I love not only giving life to a piece, but bringing it to a fine polish. On my path I have learned the discipline, enthusiasm, patience and endurance necessary to complete a job as well as the absolute importance of cooperation for its success. • Formulated and implemented creative strategies and campaigns for some of the most successful global brands including Mobilink Jazz, Safeguard, National Food Limited, Tiger Biscuit, Head & Shoulders, Continental Biscuits, Pampers, Tapal and Ariel. • Exceptional creative talent with experience in all forms of traditional and non-traditional media. • Provided outstanding leadership as proven in consistently directing and motivating creative teams towards communications solutions that achieve both client and agency business objectives. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Technical Proficiency Areas of Expertise Motion Graphics (Expert, 14 years experience) Digital Compositing (Expert, 9 years experience) Character Rigging (Intermediate, 5 years experience) Conceptual Art (Intermediate, 5 years experience) Directing (Intermediate, 3 years experience) Creative Direction ( 2 years experience) Classical Animation Foundamentals (Beginner, 1 year experience) Software and Tools Adobe Photoshop (Expert, 10 years experience) Adobe After Effects (Expert, 14,years experience) Davinci Resolve (Advanced, 5 years experience) Adobe Premiere (Intermediate, 5 years experience) Autodesk Maya 2012 (Beginner, 2 years experience) Autodesk 3D Studio Max (Beginner, 3 years experience) Sony Vegas 5 (Beginner, 1 year experience) Mental Ray (Beginner, 1 year experience) Chaos Group V-Ray (Beginner, 2 years experience) Zbrush (Intermediate, 5 years experience) Windows (Expert, 15 years experience) Mac OS X (Advanced, 10 years experience) Wacom Tablets DSLR Cameras Techniques Rotoscoping Plate Cleaning Matchmoving Camera Tracking Camera Projection Chroma Keying Compositing Matte Painting Set Extensions Colour Grading and Correction Work History Company: B Media Production Bahrain Background: Working in strong leadership positions as director creative, animator, compositor, and director, I have developed a unique and dynamic skill set that I pride myself on integrating into all of my endeavors. Location: Manama Bahrain Position: Lead Animator Employed: 01/03/2017 – Present Overview: From my work as an animator and compositor with many of the premier Motion Graphics and VFX shops in Bahrain, to my position as a Lead Animator for the interactive B Media production of one of the largest production house in the bahrain, I consistently achieve a higher level of sophistication and client satisfaction through effective team leadership and collaboration, technical expertise and aesthetic achievement in animation and compositing, knowledge of various software applications used in the spectrum of creative areas, and a keen awareness and surpassing of client expectations. Highlights: "The desire to work hard is more rare than the talent. There are many more talented people than there are people willing to put in the necessary effort." Company: Red Ape Post Production (Pvt.) Ltd. Background: Provide the entire spectrum of Post- production, Animation and VFX services. With the dedicated core of experienced in-house skilled staff, we offer the highest quality services to ad agencies and production houses. We have all the necessary technical, creative and production capabilities to provide best possible post-production and animation services . Location: Karachi, Pakistan Position: Director Creative Employed: 21/08/2014 – 20/02/2017 Overview: Manage the animation facility and oversee the daily operations including the implementation of department policy and procedures Responsible for monitoring and supervising the quality of 3D animation pipelines Handle the tasks of reviewing and ensuring that the animations produced are of the highest possible quality Responsible for providing preventive maintenance to all software/hardware in the digital facility Schedule and monitor all animation facilities including forwarding the necessary paper- work to security Prepare and update reports on the daily activities of the animation staff to the Director Highlights: Aware of the animation pipeline and has the ability to improve and find creative solutions to the overall effectiveness of content creation Company: IAL Saatchi & Saatchi (Advertising Agency) Background: Provides creative services and consulting to agencies, developers and corporate clients in the US and around the world. Location: Karachi, Pakistan Position: Creative Director Employed: 06/11/2012 – 20/08/2014 Overview: Leads a team of vendors and freelancers in the design and implementation of advertising and product campaigns for local and international brands. Highlights: - Landed a retainer with an international advertising agency within the first two weeks of starting operations. - Clients include Head & Shoulders, Arial , Mobilink Jazz, Safeguard, etc. Company: ARY DIGITAL NETWORK (Film & TV Production) Background: ARY Digital, formerly known as the Pakistani Channel, was launched in the United Kingdom in December 2000 to cater to the growing demands of South Asian entertainment in the region.. Location: Karachi, Pakistan Position: Sr.Motion graphic Artist Employed: 09/06/2006 – 05/10/2012 Overview: Creative, self-starter/ troubleshooter and leader who thinks out-of-the-box, Solid motion graphic experience. Highlights: Experience working in a team environment and within a deadline-driven production company. Company: ARY DIGITAL NETWORK (Film & TV Production) Background: To be an efficient member of working team & keen to accept the Challenges of ever changing technology world. Location: Karachi, Pakistan Position: Graphics Designer & NLE Editor Employed: 05/01/2004 – 07/01/2006 Overview: A Team Player and believes in team work synergy • Responsible • Ability to manage teams • Good written and verbal communication skills. Company: ARY City Network Background: Have the ability to work and communicate well with all clients, scriptwriters, professional talent and other teammates to produce compelling video projects in an organized manner and on time. Experience working in a team environment and within a deadline-driven production company. Location: Karachi, Pakistan Position: Graphic Designer Employed: 05/01/2003- 06/09/2004 Overview: Visualizer, Graphic Designer, Annual Report, Corporate Designing, Calendars, Diaries, Company Profile, Brochures, Corporate ID, Packaging, Out door Publicity etc.. Company: Rung Television Background: International branding and design agency, specializing in corporate, product, situ, leverage and digital branding and design. Location: Karachi, Pakistan Position: Graphic Designer. Employed: 09/02/2001 - 01/01/2003 Overview: Led a team of graphic designers, 3D artists and environmental designers in the development and rollout of national presence branding campaigns Company: Coffee Machine (Post Production House) Background: A full service graphic design agency specializing in corporate identities, branding and corporate marketing collateral. Location: Karachi, Pakistan Position: Graphic Designer Employed: 05/01/2000 - 01/01/2001 Overview: Started this small PPH after securing a deal to produce marketing collateral for 3 government departments, including the Department of Health, Trade and Industry and the Department of Environmental Affairs. Highlights: Secured notable new business in the first year including the below-the-line accounts of INSTAONE. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Education • BA , University of Sindh Pakistan. Intermediate, , Govt. Degree /Commerce College, Karachi, Pakistan.


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