Hello, welcome to my portfolio. My focus and passion is in animation and storytelling with a strong background in traditional art and interactive design. I have been involved in many multimedia projects that relied heavily on 2D and 3D graphics as well as interactive mobile app development. I look forward to furthering my career and constantly learning more as technology evolves. Art if my life! When I am not practicing the art of animation or design, I am enjoying the art of salsa dancing or practicing rhythms on the drums. For the past couple of years I have also enjoyed volunteering at the Heartland Film Festival.

Work Samples


  • Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

    • Bachelors Media Arts and Science
    • 1998 - 2005

    3 Semesters of Animation Mentor in Winter of 2008



I was on a team of five that won 2nd place in the Indianapolis Indiana 49 Hour Animation Competition in 2011.