Master of Disguise- Acrylic on wood.
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Pocco La Ruche Dances The Cooch - Acrylic on wood
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la fée verte - Acylic on board
The Bratwurst Sisters - Acrylic on wood
Oh Dear!- snobbery - acrylic on wood
twenty minutes peace - Acrylic on wood
Dragon Lady - Acrylic on Wood
Simple Pleasures - Acrylic on wood
I wish i had arms and legs - acrylic on wood
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Alice - gouache on watercolour paper
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Rapunzel - Ink, watercolour and digital
sustainability - scraper board
Trial of God (Theatre Poster) - Acrylic on illustration board
Overseas - Acrylic on board
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Melody Moon Album Cover - acrylic on board

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