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welcome - the took about a year to write, because I made a drum beat one day, then months later made another beat which i ended up layering, then months after that started folding in the sound effects.
the artwork was an all nighter, once i started this peice i couldn't stop until it was finished.
i put the video together in a couple of hours, this is my first outing with windows live, i don't like it. i need better software.
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A Dream (Midnight Snack) Feat. skindeeprym - The song was born from re-occuring dream I had. I wrote the music and lyrics in about 3 hours, but the recording process took almost three years! I kept adding and polishing instruments and effects. After it was DONE, I played it for skindeep and he asked if he could throw down some lines. A day later, he came back with the finished lyrics and we recorded. The song was finally done for real. I made the video pretty quickly in windows live, when I get my system all set up I'll probably make a better video. The artwork is all by me, it is work that I've done throughout my entire life. Enjoy! Leave feedback please!

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