the song is called "within me, without you", and is about finding happiness without needing anyone in my life to give it to me. i wrote the music about a year before the lyrics were born.
the artwork is called "despair" and is done in charcoal.
The song, called "a dream" was born from re-occuring dream I had. I wrote the music and lyrics in about 3 hours, but the recording process took almost three years! I kept adding and polishing instruments and effects. After it was DONE, I played it for skindeep and he asked if he could throw down some lines. A day later, he came back with the finished lyrics and we recorded. The song was finally done for real.
the art, called "all mixed up" is actually a collage of many smaller pieces that i doodled throughout the years and combined, and enhanced in photoshop.
the song is called "descent" and the artwork is called "walk among us"
the song actually took over 15 years to write! i wrote lyrics for the first half when i was a young teen, the lyrics for the second half when i was an older teen, and the music in my mid twenties. i put them all together a couple of years ago.
it is similar to a book of short stories as the different parts of the song tell different tales, and the beat changes completely, and yet it all feels like one song. definitely a book of short HORROR stories!
the image was drawn whilst listening to a LOT of Misfits, so... WALK AMONG US!
welcome - the took about a year to write, because I made a drum beat one day, then months later made another beat which i ended up layering, then months after that started folding in the sound effects.
the artwork was an all nighter, once i started this peice i couldn't stop until it was finished.
i put the video together in a couple of hours, this is my first outing with windows live, i don't like it. i need better software.
the song, "child of night" was originally intended to be an instrumental, called "now you see it", but the lyrics begged to go with this music. it's all very strange and experimental. i made the video for the song before it had lyrics.
it is a slide show of some of my artwork with fun effects added.
a movie with slideshow depicting my websites...

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