It is my goal to bring the craft back into the corporation. It is my vision to be creative in all aspects of my life , I live to be creative, Innovative and challenge the unknown . I am a self starter , I work well in creating a vision and direction that can merge creative ideas with process guidelines.It is my goal to push the Limits on creative ideas into something new.

Work Samples

  • Job Portfolio

  • Tron 2 Light Cycle 2009

  • 700R Concept for Auto China 2008

Work History

OBJECTIVE: Create a new direction of thinking and understanding about design . I would like to bring the craft back into the corporation.... QUALIFICATIONS I create from start to finish. trend studies to concept brain storming, to design and building. All the way to set up for production. I have eight years experience working as a color & materials designer with Nokia. I have a history of developing and creating new innovative paints and plastics. I’m hands on in developing colors and materials and also very good at presentation layout. I work with global material manufactures in developing new and innovative materials for production. . I have 15 years of model making skills, from developing movie props to Developing concept products and automotive prototypes, skilled in Painting, finishing, milling, sculpting, and concept thinking Computer: Photo Shop, Illustrator, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and Painter Materials: Casting, Painting, Modeling, and Vendor Concept Development EMPLOYMENT 2006-Present Designer,Owner VIGGO INC. Designed and developed a shoe line. The collection Consist of three different designs. Oversee all aspects of the development from design to pre -production. Other projects include: Color development for Fantastic Four (the Movie),concept car for Fisker Automotive, concept car for china -700R , Prototype furniture, and several ¼ scale concept cars. . 2000-2006 Color & Materials Designer, Nokia Developed and created Trend Forecasting and Color and Materials presentations. Global CMG material simulator, designing and created paints, plastics, and new innovation for Global team, Created Global Materials Data process, developed and archived all CMG materials. Set up Global materials approval process. Developed concept Paints and plastics with manufactures, Project CMG designer from concept to production development and approval of program materials. Specialize in Paint and Plastic development 1998-2000 Hard Modeler, BMW Design works USA Made and created Molds and fiberglass cars, Tasks would include setting up clay models for casting, making molds of cars & products, Fiberglass lay up, casting, vacuum forming, finishing and sanding and priming. Working with a team of 4 people, I excelled in detail work, working on making Lens, rims, small detail interior parts, prep work, sanding and paint finish work. Projects worked on BMW Z4, X5, 7 series , airplane interior, John Deere Tractors, Rolls Royce , just to name a few. 1996-1998 Clay Modeler, SHR Clay modeler, working on full size cars, worked on project with Alcoa, worked in building ¼ and full size cars. The project development took a year and half, other projects worked on VW Beetle ¼ scales, Acura ¼ concept car, Rockford Fosgate Amps. 1994-1996 Fabricator/Painter, Model Maker, TFX Worked on Fabrication and painting of movie props, worked on the Batmoblies for Batman and Robin, and Batman Forever, worked on building the Mach 5 for speed racer, did everything from clay modeling, casting, painting.


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Published in Encyclopedia of tarot by Stuart R Kaplan 2005 Red dot Award Nokia Design Team of the year 2003 Color & Materials Designer