Thank you for visiting my portfolio. This website is a brief sample of my study and work experience in the field of Architecture. I am an architect from Ho Chi Minh City, Southern Vietnam. I speak Vietnamese, Chinese Cantonese and Chinese Mandarin, as my parents are Chinese, and English has become the fourth language I speak.  I completed my first professional Bachelor's of Architecture at The Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture in year 2003. Since then, I had worked as an architect and had experienced all specific works which bring investigation to fruition for projects: in dealing with clients, carrying out legal procedures, making out concept design, expanding construction drawings, and managing and supervising project until it is completed and occupied.  As an architect, creating an environmental friendly and comfortable indoor space for people living in is an aim that I always desire to attain in my professional life. Since updating of technical information and education for extending occupational development is a necessity, I went to England in June 2011 to seek for a deeper knowledge in Environmental Design.  Through a Masters course in Sustainable Architecture and computer Aided Environmental Design in The University of Sheffield, I have realized the importance of climate analysis and thermal simulation during early stages of design, and have learnt means to balance design intentions with performance aims. Differ from a common approach among architects during a process of developing a design proposal, indoor climate is considered at the same time with other elements of designs such as context, overall form or typology. In this way, indoor comfort is not left for later design stages which are usually relied on building technology or energy-intensive usage patterns to enhance good comfort conditions for the built environment. ​ I have completed this Masters Course recently. Now I am seeking to work in a concept team, where I can integrate all my experience to create a good design as well as improve it to a higher stage through practice and research.

Experience & Education