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Mnemonic portraying the blast of fine molecules of fresh menthol thus giving an even dash of freshness over a crunchy smoke.
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The mnemonic’s visual language can be connected to new era etc. and a proclamation of a new technology introduced. The mnemonic is a suggestive of a refined way of distribution of flavor .. thanks to the new technology! The blue square is suggestive of the area to press and the transition of the visual depicts the fineness in diffusion after release to give a smooth and rich experience of menthol
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The mnemonic is a smart visual defining the amalgamation of the two distinctive tastes. The mnemonic also reflects swirl of two tastes happening inside the filter to bring out the ultimate experience. The visual treatment of the circles denotes the all round diffusion with well churned smoke.
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Mnemonic for a smell lock technology in cigarettes.

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