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WAVE - WAVE is modular wall mounted board for lightweight household commodities. There are 4 planks in one set and user can do different layouts with it. Concept is freedom to design a layout . User can arrange it according to his need, interior and space availability. Mass individualism is initial idea towards WAVE. Rhythmic form gives life to it.
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WAVE - Layout should be done according to need. Layout can be arranged with 4, 3, 2 or even 1 plank. Plank can be placed in any angle.
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Blossom - Blossom pen/pencil holder
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Be clean, be seen - Broom means dirt. People don’t like to carry it. Broom user have consciously or unconsciously diminishing feel. Brief focuses over making product respectable and user confidant. compactness gives product an advanced edge which makes user confident. Compact feature also help for storage purpose

‘BE CLEAN BE SEEN’ is Compact floor cleaning device. Bristles can go inside when device is not in use. While using, bristle comes out and gets fixed on one 360 degree handle rotation.

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