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Human Powered Vehicle - Named as VIA “The Zip Trike”,the USP of VIA design is that
it has Direct Propulsion of Gears.So the removal of chain as in
conventional Human Powered Vehicles, reduces the friction of the vehicle.

To create large gear ratios, gears are often connected together in gear trains
The right-hand (purple) gear in the train is actually made in two parts, as shown ,
a small gear and a larger gear are connected together, one on top of the other.
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Floor Lamp (MOOD Lighting) - This art lamp is made with a paper that
is Hand-Made with Organic prints,
hugged by (sturdy) teak wooden members
with Solid wooden base.
This lamp includes square Teak wood
sections of varying heights from
1 feet, 2 feet, 3 feet to 4 feet with
all having different colors of lights
inside it, No two are alike!
Change the mood in your room with
these square lamps modules for you
to arrange as you wish by putting
on all 4 light or 3 or 2 or just the
single light or in combination of
2 to 3 lights at a time.
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Fruit Tray
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Restyling forklift (MAMMOTH) - The resemblance of a forklift to an elephant…….
A fully grown male Asian Elephant may be 3.3 m tall and weigh 3.3 tonnes

the existing design of the VOLTAS forklift is analyzed and restyles based on an ELEPHANT analogy and improvized based on its usability and functionality.
The ventilation for the forklift engine is provided towards the sitting position of the driving seat.

Very uncomfortable for prolonged usage.

MAMMOTH has ventilation on the side ways of the vehicle both form the upper and lower part of the body.

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Writing Device - The objective of the problem is to design a writing device for a colleague
My colleague being Akshay Mallick a batchmate of Post Graduation based on his Personal Likings,Usability and Cultural background
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Perennial-An all season Ceiling Fan - I heat & cool

This Ceiling Fan provides even heat from floor to ceiling during the cold winter months while still cooling like a Normal Ceiling Fan all summer long

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