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Power Bright Technologies have been named an International CES Innovations 2013 Design and
Engineering Awards Honoree for XC180 – 180 Watt Cup Power Inverter.

The XC180 Cup Power Inverter has three USB Ports and also sports a standard North
American 180V AC outlet allowing you to plug directly into your GPS, laptop, MP3 player or cell
phone. Combined, the XC180 Cup Power Inverter can facilitate charging up to four devices at once.
With the XC180, you can power your mobile devices in your car, boat or RV and plugs into a vehicle’s
cigarette lighter socket and fits securely in a vehicle’s cup holders.

Video recource site : www.francoischarron.com
Company website : www.powerbright.com
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Diagram Showing product Usage ( 3 X USB 2.1 AMP Ports ) and one 180 North American Outlet
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CNC sample ( prototype of the cup inverter )
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Cup inverter ( Color and material choosing )
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Product Pack (XC180)
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Product Acsseories
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Getting into the USB Charger form
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2.1 A Dual USB Charger
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Packaging of the Cup inverter + 2 USB packs ( Costco wholesale )
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Whole Palette

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