Hello, I'm Wahdan Mauli From Bandung - West Java / / Indonesia Tel : +62 8986994750 Email / Messenger : wahdanmauli@yahoo.com

Work Samples

  • Industrial Design

  • Brand and Paper

  • Footwear Design

Work History

- SKILLS Aesthetics I Observation I Brand Analysis I Visual Analysis I Brainstorming I workshop modeling - SOFTWARES 2D// Photoshop I Illustrator I Coreldraw I Sketchbook pro 3D// Rhinoceros 3D I SolidWorks I 3ds Max I AutoCAD Design Review http://www.blackxperience.com/index.php?page=inntechnews-detail&itnid=1578 www.themag.it/inspiration/2011/sakatimoena-green-furniture.html gallery.rhino3d.com/?i=38386


Institut Teknologi Nasional - Bandung, Indonesia



FILA INA Footwear Designer | Cresyn Indonesia (CIC) industrial designer | fluxidea Design Works JoyGroup.inc | colaboration with annisa wihardini |


2006 Olympic Design Award 2007 Suzuki Design Competition 2007 Good Design Academic Award 2008 Samsung Ultra Slimfit Design 2009 Telkomsel Red Booth Design Competition