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  • Wagner Campelo

    Wagner Campelo surface designer

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I was born in Rio de Janeiro, where I live, 49 years ago. When I was still a child, everybody said I was good at drawing, and I believed them. So much that later, when the time came for entering the University, in 1982, I chose de Fine Arts School, at UFRJ, and graduated in 1985. In my patterns and prints I seek to ally colors and forms, in simplified traces, very graphic, and I hope, very bright.

Work Samples

  • vegetal prints

  • texitura 48

  • ipanema-leblon

Work History

I live in Rio de Janeiro, where I was born, and where I took my degree in Fine Arts at UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro). I love working with patterns, designs and colors… and believe that surface design gives one an unlimited number of possibilities in terms of imagination and inventiveness. It gives me special pleasure to produce coordinated patterns and collections, as well as elaborating colorways. I have been doing this kind of work for 20 years, and some of my patterns have been sold in the USA and in Europe, and designs of my authorship were featured in international trend and fashion magazine and in a book dedicated exclusively to patterns. My creations have also been applied to swimwear and interior design. My work is diversified and eclectic. My preference goes to patterns that ally shapes and colors, in a simple language, graphic and cheerful. As a lover of photography, I delight in elaborating patterns that take my photos as an inspiration, as this may lead to rather unusual results. At the moment I do freelance work in my home studio, always on the look-out for new challenges and projects