Footwear design - Basketball Sneaker Design using Illustrator and Photoshop
Felt Roll Chair - The concept for this design was to give the appearance of a single continuous piece of industrial felt then folded and rolled to make a chair. Its structure is created by a
thick strip of felt impregnated with an apoxy resin. Support for the lower back and the knee is provided by two rolls of felt. The padding was made with thinner felt which is glued to the resined structure.
Constellation Sconce - Designed for the soft glow of a movie
theater, the Constellation Sconce creates
a magical atmosphere. It is a light
inspired by the fascinating colors and
twinkles of the universe.
Guitar Stand - Working with the top designers of the Martin Guitar Company, I designed a guitar with its personalized stand built into the sides. This allows the user to bring their guitar anywhere without having to bring a seperate stand or to lay their guitar somewhere unsafe.

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