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  • Wes Louie

    Freelance concept artist

    New York, NY

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2012 -Digital Domain-VFX concept/storyboard artist, XCOM: Enemy Unknown and various projects -Zoic Studios-VFX concept/storyboard artist, Infinity Blade 2:Skycages and various projects -Certain Affinity-Concept artist, Halo 4 -The Cimarron Group-Key art character/environment designer/finisher, Escape From Planet Earth -Roger-Concept artist/Matte painter, TBA -Cygames Japan-Concept artist/illustrator-TBA -ModOp-Concept artist/animatics storyboard artist, Far Cry 3 and Splinter Cell Blacklist -Walton Isaacson-Storyboard artist, Lexus -TBWA Chiat Day LA-Storyboard artist, Infiniti -TBWA Chiat Day NY-Key art illustrator, Planters -MUSE Communications-Key art illustrator, Adidas Originals -Raven Sun Creative-Concept artist-Concept art, key art illustration, color keys, color scripts, (TBA) -Mousetrappe-Storyboard artist, Star Trek theme park -Ubisoft-Key art designer, ZombiU, Watch Dogs -Ring of Fire VFX concept artist/matte painter, various projects -HBO-illustrator, The News Room -Panda Panther/Activision Blizzard-Skylanders Giants, concept art direction, environment concept art, look/visual development -Saatchi and Saatchi-Visual development(character and environment)/storyboard artist, Toyota Prius commercials -The Walt Disney Company-illustrator, various projects -Mocean-Concept illustrator, (TBA) -Deutsch, Inc-CG illustrator, VW -Mousetrappe-Concept illustrator -Ideattack-Concept illustrator, various theme parks -Neuron Syndicate, 3d illustrator, (TBA) 2011 -Digital Domain-VFX concept artist, Gears of War 3, other projects -Neuron Syndicate, Concept illustrator, (TBA) -The Walt Disney Company-illustrator, various projects -Imagine Entertainment/Universal Pictures-The Dark Tower(Feature film)-Assistant art director/concept artist -Canyon Design Group-Movie poster illustrator/finisher-Wrath of the Titans -Psyop-Concept designer, Fed Ex -Ubisoft-Concept artist/key art illustrator, Various projects -Integer Group-Charcter/vehicle designer/illustrator, Duracell -Herzog and Associates-Concept artist/Illustrator, Game of Thrones, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides -NBC Sports-Concept artist, Sunday Night Football -NBC Universal-Concept/storyboard artist, Prime Suspect(tv), Reconstruction(tv) and various shows -Zoic VFX-Concept/storyboard artist, Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure(game) and various films and tv shows -Mojo-Movie poster illustrator, The Man of Steel, Battleship -Ring of Fire VFX- Character designer, Roundup commercials(designed all weed characters, key frames) Creature/environment designer, Wizards of Waverly Place 2010 -Neuron Syndicate, Inc-Concept artist, (TBA) -Mojo-Movie poster illustrator, Suckerpunch -Canyon Design Group-Movie poster illustrator, Harrry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -Apple, Inc-CG illustrator -Sony Computer Entertainment of America-Concept artist, various projects -Ignition Creative-Concept illustrator, The Green Lantern trailers -Goodoil Films-Concept matte painter -Deadline Advertising-Matte painter -The Ant Farm-Concept illustrator, Epic Mickey and End of Nations trailer -Chelsea Pictures-Concept designer -Create Advertising-Concept illustrator, The Haunted Mansion trailer -Square Enix-Creature designer, (TBA) -Iron Claw-VFX Storyboard artist -TBWA Media Arts Lab-Concept/CG illustrator, Apple -Ubisoft-Concept illustrator, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Shaun White Skateboarding and other projects -yu+CO-Character concept artist, Rift: Planes of Telara -Mojo-Concept/CG illustrator, Marvel vs. Capcom3, Nurse Jackie video game(Created all in-game assets as well as intro screens) -CBS Digital-VFX Concept designer -Ring of Fire VFX-VFX concept designer. Responsible for designing characters, environments, storyboards and 3d pre-vis. 2009 -20th Century Fox-Concept designer, (TBA) -Neil McCormick-Concept illustrator, (TBA) -Falcon's Treehouse-Concept designer. Responsible for designing characters, environments, weapons, props. Storyboarding as well as key art concept illustrations. Project (TBA) -(TBA)-VFX concept artist/concept designer (feature film) -Sony Computer Entertainment-Concept artist/CG illustrator, Ratchet and Clank Future:A Crack in Time and various other projects. -Ubisoft-Concept illustrator-Splinter Cell: Conviction, C.O.P-The Recruit -Disney Junction Point Studios-Character concept artist, Epic Mickey -Deutsch, Inc-Concept illustrator, Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time -Film Illusions, Inc/Marvel Studios-Concept artist, Thor (feature film) -Ignition Entertainment-Concept illustrator, The Green Hornet trailer. -Petrol Advertising-Concept illustrator, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 -Create Advertising-Concept artist, The Green Hornet trailer. -Ring of Fire VFX-VFX Concept artist/storyboard artist -Smart Works Collective/Capcom-Concept illustrator, Lost Planet 2 -Big Tree Games-Concept artist, Demonborn -Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures-Concept illustrator/set designer, G-Force music video -Wieden+Kennedy-Concept artist, Nike NBA All-Star Weekend 2009. Animatic illustrator, EA The Sims 3 2008 -Ring of Fire VFX-Creature designer,concept designer, VFX concept artist various projects -Scholastic, Inc-Concept artist, TBA -Digital Domain-Storyboard artist, character designer, various projects. -Five Currents-Concept illustrator, 2010 Commonwealth Games -Millenium Films-Character/concept designer, Buck Rogers (feature film) -EA-Creature designer, Spore -Ruby Films(UK)-Concept artist, King Lear (feature film) -Create Advertising-Concept/storyboard illustrator, GI Joe film trailer -Framework LA-Concept/storyboard illustrator, Pandorum film trailer -Bungie Studios-Cinematics designer/storyboard artist, Halo3: ODST -Bottlerocket Entertainment-Environment concept artist, The Flash -Wizards of the Coast, illustrator Dungeons and Dragons -EA-Art director, illustrator, Sim City Creator box cover -2 Headed Monster-Matte painter -Machine Union, LLC-Concept designer, video game TBA 2007 -The Arnell Group-Storyboard artist, Sobe Lifewater Superbowl commercial -Deutsch, Inc-Concept illustrator, Playstation 3. Main illustrator used for securing the multi-million dollar Playstation 3 account. -Create Advertising-Storyboard artist, Sex and the City the movie film trailer -Marvel Studios/Create-Concept/storyboard illustrator, Iron Man feature film special Superbowl spot -Tequila, Concept illustrator/storyboard illustrator for various Playstation titles such as: God of War:Chains of Olympus, Star Wars:Renegade Squadron, Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, The Eye of Judgment, Heavenly Sword, SOCOM: Tactical Strike, Warhawk -Phil Hettema and Associates-Concept designer, various theme parks around the world -Marvel Studios/Create-Incredible Hulk logo concept illustrations -Lucasfilm-Illustrations for Star Wars:The Legacy Revealed -Maxum games-Concept artist, Demons of Mercy. Character and weapon designs -Contrafilm(New Line Cinema), Concept designer, TBA -Simon West Productions-Concept designer -20th Century Fox-Character designer/visual development, Aliens in the Attic(feature film) -Lego Group Concept Lab-Concept designer, future IP -Smuggler, Concept illustrator, Dodge Avenger 'Smoke on the Water' commercial spot -G4-Character designer 2006 -Villains-Concept illustrator, Budweiser Superbowl space station spot -Tedi Sarafian, concept designer -Bill Nye Inc-Concept illustrator/set designer, Bill Nye the Science Guy -Activision, illustrator for animatics. Shrek the Third, Tony Hawk 8, Call of Duty 3, Marvel:Ultimate Alliance -Walt Disney Imagineering-Concept designer, future attractions -The Walt Disney Company-CG illustrator, Ratatouille, Meet the Robinsons, Pirates of the Carribean:At Worlds End and various other properties -NIKE-CG Illustrations featuring Lebron James, Maria Sharapova, Michelle Wie and Rafael Nadal. -Threewave Software-Environment concept artist, future IP -R!OT Pictures-Concept designer -Rockstar New England-Watercraft concept artist, Empire Earth 3 -MJZ Los Angeles-Concept illustrator, Johnny Walker android and Lexus -High Impact Games-Concept artist, future IP -SCE Studios Santa Monica-Concept artist, various projects -Vicious Cycle Software-Environment concept artist, Dead Head Fred. Concept artist, other projects. -Captivity Productions-illustrator, Captivity(feature film) -Brainzoo Studios-CG illustrator, X-Men 3 2005 -Flagship Studios-Weapon/prop concept artist, MMO Mythos 2005-2003 -Insomniac Games-Character artist. Contributed character/creature/weapon/vehicle concept artwork as well as modeling/texturing in Maya for AAA titles: Resistance: Fall of Man, Ratchet and Clank:Deadlocked, Ratchet and Clank 3, Ratchet and Clank 2 -Crystal Sky Pictures-Concept designer 2003-2000 -Sony Computer Entertainment of America-Production designer for several titles as well as Maya texture artist for the following:NFL Gameday 2004, 2002, 2001. NCAA Gamebreaker 2004, 2002, 2001 2000-1999 -Midway Home Entertainment-Computer graphics artist 1999-1998 -Capcom-Concept designer -Walt Disney Imagineering-Concept designer for Epcot Center Millenium Celebration attractions -American Movie Classics Channel-Creature designer -Legend Interactive/Activision-Concept designer/storyboard artist, Emergency Room 3 -Paramount Pictures(Theme park division)/Nickelodeon-Concept designer, TV Land Education Art Center College of Design-BFA in Illustration with honors, 1998


  • Art Center College of Design

    • BFA illustration/entertainment design
    • 1996 - 1998

    with honors



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