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Olimpiadas Lenovo - Site made for a Lenovo contest about the olympic torch. In this proyect I leaded the Art Direction and then the developement of it.

Technology: Flash, Actionscript, PHP+MySQL (register/vote/send to a friend)

Concept: Francisco Chaves - Esteban Panzeri
Art Direction: Francisco Chaves
Developement: Lenovo AR Web Design Team

link > staging.wikichaves.com/lenovo/olimpiadaslenovo
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Lenovo Homepage - During my stay at Lenovo part of my work was firs to Design the promotional Spots for lenovo.com homepage, and then to coordinate and improve the development of those spots.

For more examples > staging.wikichaves.com/lenovo/homepages/
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Lenovo Thinkstation - New design for Lenovo's Thinkstation series page.

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