I'm an award winning Production Designer having just created Rockstar Games' LA Noire. Sets, Locations, Costumes and Props is my thing. Now at George Miller's (Mad Max, Happy Feet) production company, creating secret stuff. Started as an Industrial Designer, crossed into films, worked on "The Phantom Menace", "Bond", "Thunderbirds" and others that didn't make it. Finally settled in games with Sony Europe (PlayStation) as the Production Designer on "The Getaway" series.

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Full Resume at www.linkedin.com/in/woodsimon Ramblings at twitter.com/markersketch PRODUCTION DESIGNER KMM IE SEP '11 - PRESENT Cool stuff & secret things at George Miller's (Mad Max, Happy Feet) production company. PRODUCTION DESIGNER TEAM BONDI SEP '03 - AUGUST -11 'LA NOIRE' Along with traditional duties of design all locations and their dressing, I also oversee the Costume/Character Designs and Hero Props for the production. I bring a more film-like quality to the design and approach to the project from my previous film and video game experience, whilst tutoring the art teams in the discipline of Production Design. 1st AD on Motion Capture shoots PRODUCTION DESIGNER SONY COMPUTER ENT. EUROPE OCT '99 - '03 'THE GETAWAY 1 & 2' I designed all the ‘Hero Location Sets’, acted as Location Scout. I designed the costumes for the Principal Characters and was the storyboard artist. I assisted with casting of the principal actors and with the set-up and construction of the Motion Capture facility. I designed the stage plans and props, oversaw their construction and I was the 1st AD during the MoCap shoot. Both of which were huge award wining triple A titles. APR '98 - OCT '99 Apartment re-designs and fit outs in London. Music Video and Commercial Art Director. Good varied projects.. CONCEPT ART DIRECTOR WORKING TITLE FILMS OCT '97 – APR '98 'THUNDERBIRDS' Worked closely with the Production Designer and the Director on the development of ‘hero props’, weapons, spacecraft interiors (Thunderbird 1 & 2 and FAB1) and character designs. ART DEPT ASST/CONCEPT DESIGNER EON PRODUCTIONS/MGM PICTURES NOV '96 – AUG '97 'TOMORROW NEVER DIES' - JAMES BOND #18 Traditional duties and set model making. I also was responsible for developing some of Bond's ‘hero props’, gadgets and gizmos. I assisted the Stand-By Art Directors and the Set Decorator on set. The best apprenticeship the Film Industry could offer. I was taught by the Art Directors who made all the Star Wars movies, Superman, Batman's, 2001, Indiana Jones films. They taught me the art of 'Set Decorating' and 'Script Breakdowns.'... Just wow. ART DEPT ASST LUCASFILM OCT '96 - NOV '96 'THE PHANTOM MENACE’ During the very early stages of pre-production I was fortunate to assist the art department in the traditional manner and also with the creation of some set models to the Production Designer and ILM. SPECIAL SKILLS Environmental & Product Design, PreViz Maya Artwork, Concept Sketching, Storyboards, Lighting Design, Script & Prop Breakdowns, Team Management & Development.



Australian Production Design Guild, Sydney ACM Siggraph


Tribeca Film Festival: Official Selection (LA Noire) 8 BAFTA Nominations incl. 'Artistic Achievement' (LA Noire) The APDG Award for Excellence in Stage and Screen Design in Video Games: LA Noire Keynote Presentations: Siggraph (Sydney) 2012 'Good Design' London Design Museum 2011 'Creative Thought' Creative Sydney 2011 'Playing Games' AFTRS/APDG 2011 'Creating LA Noire' BAFTA Interview 2012...
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